What reasons make some women had an affair with a married man?

Какие причины заставляют некоторых женщин крутить романы с женатыми мужчинами?

For anybody not a secret that some women have Affairs with married men. Betrayal of this kind causes pain that is tearing the soul to pieces. And often devotees of the women asking the questions, Why someone wants to ruin my marriage? Who is this woman who so brazenly climbs in my family?

Undoubtedly, a married man as guilty of infidelity, but I would like to note that there are some commonalities between the lovers, so to speak their universal characteristics:


Some women attention married men in the party believe their achievement and proud of it. The fact that she “did it” raises her low self-esteem and gives confidence. And even if actually it isn’t, it makes her feel happy, sometimes even the happiest in my life, but it is a cruel deception. She was able to “steal” affection someone who is already married. Despite the fact that this woman might seem at first glance confident and independent, in fact it is led by a sense of fear and insecurity.


A woman who sleeps with a married man, feels over him a special power. She can “manage” those who already have a wife and child. This power took precedence over loyalty and devotion, and this fact only strengthens the influence of the mistress. She understands that her lover would not dare to reveal the truth about the betrayal of his wife, which gives her full control over the situation. But it is important to remember that any power is a mythical force, which sooner or later come to an end. Bat there is nothing eternal on Earth.

Desire this kind of relationship

Another reason why some women become mistresses of married men, that’s what kind of such relations they are completely satisfied. These women often do not yearn for marriage and the family, and a married man will not require them. They understand that this man is able to give them a relationship without any commitment because he already has his own family.


It sounds silly, but an affair of this kind it is a kind of adrenaline rush, and this in turn alluring factor of the forbidden fruit and permanent attraction. This mystery seems attractive. Understanding that you need to keep it a secret some women brings a rush like a drug.

Financial security

Mature married man is usually financially secure. He often has a job that feeds his family. So the woman, which turns an affair with him, realizes that he can give her everything she wants. Unlike some singles, it can afford it. Sort of a luxurious life with no obligations for the future.

Beware of the consequences!

Affairs with married men are destructive. Women who seek this kind of relationship, or who have already had an affair, listen to my advice. I have something important that I would like to say: Stop it now! Start to appreciate and love yourself. Get the relationship you deserve, that you will love, not to use as entertainment for the weekend. Work on your self-esteem and on their future.

Understand that these Affairs will affect your life, the life of your beloved, his family, and will bring you only pain and loneliness. Strive to find true happiness, not the relationship that will be another fleeting romance in your life. After all, it will bring you only sorrow, enemies and many problems. Love yourself and be happy.

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