What saves each zodiac sign

Как и на чем экономит каждый знак зодиака 

Frugality is a good thing, unless you go to extremes, as, for example, a Capricorn.Veneconomia for Aries is the next challenge that she is happy to accept. Beauty will bravely go to the store for milk for coffee, cheap magaroskari and a dozen eggs and not even cry on the way home.But on the second day she suddenly realize that one life, so live it must be in a new dress by Chanel, with the new lipstick in my pocket and a box of those lovely bottles of Chianti.Telecky sure that the last reincarnation of the Bullock — Soviet grandmother, who knows all the prices of the shops, can you tell me where on the stock to sell noodles and some second-hand cheapest in the area.As you know, the savings from Taurus extends even into the air, but nothing greedily the air in her house to inhale, to breathe you want to — go out.Bliznetsov logic similar Twins with a female — it is difficult to understand, not to twist a finger at a temple — is impossible. Perfume for twenty — five ruble- of course, a tiny copy of Faberge eggs for fifty Grand, you two, and coffee is better to drink at home — it is cheaper and Whiskas has become too dear, the cat will want bread and water, and devour.Raceresult — the religion of Cancer. Why daughter to buy new boots when these can stick, they just 5 years.Boots Cancer, among other things, it is 7 years old and they look as good as new.I mean you instead of the usual bananas, bought a mini? Look for the check in the trash and go to change until the Cancer is not found out, or she you dinner with the most bananas will do, and will cause the rind to chew.Licauco may look like life on a broad paw, but, in fact, the Lioness spends less money than it receives civil servant. Discount cards for every taste, application, discounts and bonuses of any caliber, joint procurement, daily dinners with friends — she even Calf in saving utrut nose.Devadeva — the kind of pet that she does not spend money, and the other does not. Try to only buy milk when it is not on the action — hear how children in Africa are starving, try chewing gum — you’ll see a simulated heart attack.Visuvesi not save, Libra forever hoarding. For new louboutins, Chinese dog or courses on seduction in the buckwheat with water to sit.Scorpionscorpion save illogical. If you purchase products there’s no money, so food will be ordered from the nearest Japanese restaurant. Then the gas, light, water you can’t spend it — all around savings, seen?Streetmiami-Archers ready to feed alone with thoughts of fried potatoes with chicken, putting on his old and native bras to look at the output on the wall instead of the theater if you can save yourself on vacation.But in vacation they will take their darling for several years ahead, allowing yourself to massage all parts of the body, a taxi to the sea and back, even if it is near the hotel, the most expensive restaurants in town, the strip, the walk on the yacht and photos with the furry monkey.Caterogies “economy” is the only built-in Mazeroski brain at birth. So don’t call her greedy when she beats you hands if you reach for a spoonful of sugar at her house when she asks you to buy dinner a kilo of meat, potatoes, tomatoes, red and white wine, champagne and chocolates and not give you money for it when she gives you birthday deodorant. A private word, she just doesn’t know what happens otherwise believe in these tales and on.Modulatory afford anything not to deny, Aquarians are going the other way — borrowing from friends the cash. And every time someone starts to hint them for a favor, accidentally break a finger, suddenly in a coma, mimic a heart attack.Ribadavia of purity: saving Fish do not know how. They quickly sold into slavery, than to deny yourself fresh roses on the table and a fragrant candle in the bathroom. Therefore, the size of their loans is growing exponentially, and phone numbers and place of residence change every month.

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