What should be abandoned after 45 years

45 years is a milestone, after which to abandon useless habits.

Від чого слід відмовитися після 45 років

Forty-five years is a kind of psychological barrier that many people associate with the end of the professional career, with the deterioration of health, with the development of various problems, caused by age-related changes in the body. In fact, both physical and emotional state can and should regulate keeping youthful and versatile activity to old age. In the article we gave a brief overview of things you should not do if you are over the age of 45 years, informs Rus.Media.

Subjecting the organism to heavy physical exercise

After forty-five years, you must abandon heavy physical exercises with big weights. Activity of this kind negatively influence the spine and joints. This is especially true of those who are not accustomed to practicing regularly during the last five years.

The fact is that after forty years of accelerated degenerative processes in the cartilage tissue, including intervertebral discs. High burden with heavy lifting can cause back pain and joints caused by degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis.

Give preference to loads of moderate intensity, predominantly aerobic mode. If you do decide to gain muscle mass, be very careful in the selection of exercises. Try to use the appropriate equipment instead of working with free weights, to preclude excessive compression load on the joints and spine.

Abuse simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates, which are contained in cookies, cakes and other sweets into the blood, and are associated with protein compounds, and fats, and start the process glukan.

Від чого слід відмовитися після 45 років

Protein molecules, including enzymes, related in simple carbohydrates, lose their biological activity and fail to correctly perform their tasks, causing various deviations in several biochemical processes at the cellular level. Modern science believes glukan one of the key factors that trigger aging of the organism. So if you are interested in the renewal of youth and healthy activity, minimize the proportion of simple carbohydrates in your diet.

Lead a sedentary lifestyle

After forty-five years should categorically refuse sedentary and a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of exercise leads to stop the process of recovery of organs and tissues, and degeneration of a number of muscle groups involved in the walk, the proper posture, stabilization of the pelvis.

Together, these effects lead to the development of diabetes, atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, hypertension, reduced brain activity. To maintain good form, it is enough to pay the moderate-intensity exercise 2 days a week for one hour and walk at a fast pace for at least 30 minutes every day.

To abandon self-development

Do not give up on implementing your own ideas, acquiring new skills, mastering of interest to you personally of knowledge and skills. Take a break from the routine and dedicate some time to self-development.

To realize children’s dreams. Sign up for art classes, guitar, yoga, art modeling, and computer literacy. Go on a hike, to a concert of your favorite band, take up the study of a foreign language. After forty-five years, it is extremely important to pay enough attention to the maintenance of brain activity, speed of thinking and remembering new information remained at the same level as long as possible.

Від чого слід відмовитися після 45 років

Regularly overeating

After forty-five years in the body starts serious hormonal changes. There is a gradual decrease in the production of sex hormones. Both men and women these processes lead to a slower metabolic rate. Consequently, the excessive power and abuse of products of deep processing lead to rapid weight gain.

In a low hormonal background is growing not only subcutaneous fat but also the amount of so-called abdominal fat. At the same time to lose weight after forty five years it becomes much more difficult.


Hormonal changes, which regulates metabolism, after forty-five years reduces the organism’s capacity for adaptation. Hard any reduction in nutritional value of your daily diet in order to lose weight may lead to the opposite result.

This is due to the fact that the body, adapting to the caloric deficit, decrease the speed of metabolism. That is, for example, you reduce calorie for 400 calories, and your body simultaneously slows down the basic metabolism by 300 calories. That is, upon the total daily energy deficit will not exceed 100 calories.

Interestingly, after cessation of the diet at the same speed of energy is restored not earlier than in a year. For this reason, the people who were sitting on a hard diet, quickly returning to her previous weight and even gain more. Unfortunately, with age this unpleasant effect is greatly enhanced.

Eat red meat and meat products

The world health organization has officially recognized the red meat and its processed products are carcinogens, that is, products that cause cancer. This is one of the key reasons to refuse from eating meat and replace it with healthier protein sources: nuts, legumes, cereals and grains.

Від чого слід відмовитися після 45 років

In addition, the process of digestion of meat and by-products formation of by – metabolites, salts of uric acid called urate. Accumulate in the body, urate deposited in bone and cartilage, causing arthritis. Severe pain in the joints, limiting their mobility, deformity of the toes are the main symptoms of chronic inflammation of the joints. And, again, all these phenomena increase with age. Therefore, in order to preserve the health of the musculoskeletal system, you should exclude red meat and its processed products from the diet.

To have bad habits

Any bad habits, particularly Smoking and alcohol, reduce the functional resources of the internal organs. After forty-five years the filtering capacity of the lymphatic system and the liver loses part of its former productivity.

As a result, harmful substances coming from tobacco smoke, alcohol, food preservatives, flavor enhancers, hormones and antibiotics from animal products accumulate in the body and poison him, leading to decreased immunity.


Thanks to recent advances in medicine and numerous scientific researches, humanity has managed to significantly increase life expectancy. Forty-five years in our time is the beginning of a new cycle when a person successfully combines a high level of physical and intellectual activity and accumulated professional and life experience.

Take care of the joints, discard a sedentary lifestyle and bad habits, do not overeat, minimize the proportion of simple carbohydrates in the diet and be sure to enjoy self-development, to lay the foundations for healthy longevity.

Beyond the forty-five years before you open many new possibilities. Use them to the next stage of your life has been most eventful and productive.