What the French want to forget about 2020

    What the French want to forget about 2020

    By Rizhlaine F. Photos by My B. Posted December 16, 2020 at 12:16 p.m. Updated December 16, 2020 at 12:16 p.m.

    “Stay at Home” “Don’t forget your mask” or social distancing, what are the aspects of 2020 that the French want to leave behind? An investigation looked into the matter.
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    <p>L'<strong>year 2020</strong> clearly will not have been a vintage. At the dawn of <strong>the new year, 2021</strong> takes on the air of El Dorado and we find ourselves hoping for much better days. A survey conducted by <strong>Hotels.com *</strong> looked at these habits, words and expressions that the French want to leave in 2020.

    Within the radius of expressions and customs deemed non-essential for 2021, lies the question “Have you completed your certificate?” : 45% of French people no longer want to hear about it. She is followed closely by the Eternal “Don’t forget your mask” (40% of respondents), as well as the warnings: “No social gatherings” (29%) or even “Stay at home” (27%). 15% of respondents also want speeches by Emmanuel Macron are no more than a distant memory. Other aspects of 2020 that the French want to forget: the threat of confinement fines or curfews (55%), queuing to enter stores (39%) or even noticing at the end of the day the little activity physical: 32%.

    But all is not good to throw in 2020. No longer having to activate your alarm clock in the morning (21%), no longer taking public transport (20%) or even no longer spending time with people they do not want to see (24%) are among the little ones pleasures of this year of misfortune. The confinement also gave birth to new passions: For 35% of French people, it was the happiness of watching series in streaming, for 18% reading, ditto for DIY, and for 17% it was sports or fitness sessions. yoga from home. As if to compensate for the lack of physical activity, 25% of French people have rediscovered their neighborhood by strolling in the area.

    What about 2021? The French seem to be hoping that this will finally be the year of travel. 38% of those polled wish to be able to go on vacation during this new year. For 39%, it will be a trip to Europe while 24% plan to go abroad. 38% miss the beaches and wish to opt for a seaside destination. Finally, 39% also intend to return to the restaurant.

    * Research conducted by One Poll from 07.12.2020 to 09.12.2020 on 1000 French adults

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