What to do if a baby is locked in the car!!!


Що робити, якщо малюк закрився в машині!!!

For children it can be difficult to discern. All kids like to play with the car keys. However, these baby games are very dangerous because the baby may accidentally close in the car. How to react quickly and correctly what to do in this situation?

It is important to remember that the baby in the car are various dangers. The game play, but safety in the home and during the journey should be in the first place. In the case of closed locks of the car will help some of our recommendations, informs news, Ukrmedia.

The reasons why the child can close in the car

– you gave to a child to play keys and she accidentally pressed the key combination to activate the “Avtopostavka protection”

– this mode has already been enabled and the machine closed together with the baby inside

a small child accidentally pressed the Central locking button and the car closed.

In any case, if it so happened that the child was closed in the car, effective immediately.

Don’t panic. The situation has occurred and concrete actions are required, do not get hysterical, stay calm, it will help you to correctly assess the situation and make the right decision.

Assess the situation. Suddenly one of the Windows is not closed to the end, and you will be able to stick your hand in a salon. If the glass is lowered just a bit, push in the salon a piece of wire. Fold the sharp end with a blunt hook is going to keep the baby from injury, and will help to pull out keys if they are left in sight – for example, on the seat near the child.

Encourage the baby through the glass, talk to her. Can try to explain what button you press on the keys while they are preparing for further action.

Call the master. The best and most reliable option is to call the master for opening of the vehicle.

For peace of mind baby turn on the cartoons on your tablet or phone and keep the screen off the glass, so that the boy could see him.

To open the car – the procedure is very quick on this, after the arrival of the wizard will open the car without damage and in the shortest possible time.

Breaking a glass. If it’s cold or hot, and you are out of town and the arrival of avtomastera impossible – the most logical solution is to knock the glass. Recommend far to knock the glass on the baby. Best – windshield, in new cars it is equipped with a special film and debris will not fly into a child and into the cabin.

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