What to do if you can’t pay for Hydro-Quebec?

Que faire si vous ne pouvez pas payer Hydro-Québec?

You or your company run out of money to pay your electricity bill ? There are other priorities.

“On the 23rd of march, Hydro-Quebec announced that she would charge no administration fees for unpaid accounts until further order,” says Cendrix Bouchard, a spokesman for Hydro. On 16 march, we also announced the extension [until further order] of the moratorium winter. “

This moratorium is the period during which Hydro-Québec does not perform any service interruption (or disconnection), 1 December to 31 march.

So, if you have financial difficulties and that you can’t pay your electricity bill, Hydro-Québec will not have the power and will not charge you for administration costs (1.2% per month on any outstanding balance).

Contact the

If you have difficulty paying your energy bills or if you expect to soon be unable, Mr. Bouchard has a suggestion : contact Hydro-Québec as soon as possible. The same goes for an SME.

“If a customer is having difficulties, we like to know quickly,” says Mr. Bouchard. It is always better to take out a payment agreement with us. “Hydro is negotiating on a case-by-case basis, according to the financial situation and the income of the customer. Such an agreement will pay later balances owed or to be spread out over several months. Once the agreement was made, Hydro sends email reminders.

Even if you have entered into such an agreement, it does not cancel a subscription in the program of equalized payments plan (epp), which are subscribers of 1.8 million customers of Hydro. The bills were piling up simply, even if no amount is paid or if the customer makes partial payments.

Hydro-Québec has not yet established a mode of adjustment at the end of the annual revision summer (which lasts from July to September) for its clients MVE. However, several customers MVE are already in a situation of credit, because the winter of 2019-2020 has been more clement than that of 2018-2019.

Client MVE or not, we are talking about an amount type of $ 54 less for a single-family home of 1500 square feet, for the months of December to February.

Hydro-Québec confirms that it is not aware of an increase in the number of payment agreements since the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19. In 2018, 229, 000 from its four million customers have signed such an agreement.


We contacted Hydro-Quebec through the customer Area on the website of Hydro, chatting or by telephone (1 888 385-7252 : 8 h to 20 h 30 the week and from 9 h to 17 h to the end of the week). Hydro states that the waiting time is slightly longer than usual, even if the call center employees, who are working at home, manage a lower volume than normal.

Take note of the details of the agreement, of the date, time and name of your contact at Hydro-Québec. Keep a copy of your chat (by capture-screen if necessary).

If a customer is already the subject of recovery procedures, they are suspended with a payment agreement.

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