What to do if you do not want anything

Many people know the conditional state of comfort, when everything seems to be there, when lying on the couch, mindlessly flick channels, go to work, that is, live as everything, but your constant companion is depression, dissatisfaction with life, environment, bosses and the list goes on. This condition, when you feel the emptiness, the futility of any effort and your life gradually loses its meaning, and to do anything you do not want.

Що робити, якщо робити нічого не хочеться

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You’re in the “comfort zone”. What is it? This is a very insidious condition when you think it’s all good and all happy and have nothing to do, and all is not bad in itself developed. But the problem is that nothing stands still, and if you’re not getting out of your “comfort zone” itself to evolve to a new higher level of success, sooner or later degrades and roll down.

Що робити, якщо робити нічого не хочеться

Comes the understanding that the time to change and begin to change your life and the environment, it’s time to leave the “comfort zone”, stop being afraid of what is outside of it and feel the taste of life, making it brighter, richer and more efficient. How to do?

First tip — look in your notebook. What do you have there goals and plans? What do you plan next week, next month and next year?

Що робити, якщо робити нічого не хочеться

Most likely it’s empty. And this is the reason why you’re in your “comfort zone” and blamed fate. Because you will be able to change life and start to move forward only when you have something to want and what to go.

In other words, you need dreams, desires and goals as motivation to get out of the swamp of inactivity, so:

1. Take a pen and a few sheets of paper.
2. On the first sheet draw a horizontal line. It’s your life line.
3. Put a dot in the middle and sign it this year is you right here and now.
4. Prestavi 5-10 pixels to the left and write on it the brightest that your achievements to date in your entire life. Easy? Well.
5. Right now from today prestavi as many points as you want to live years and reflect on how well you want to live and what to achieve. Difficult? Scary? Not confident? Nonsense, you’ve reached the could, and you did not hurt, so don’t think about the bad and move on.

6. Take another sheet and write at least 41 of his desire. No less! It does not think about how you’re going to exercise, don’t limit yourself, just write what you really want. And each desire write on a new line. And every time start with the word “want”!

Why 41? Yes, because the first 15 are for excuses — “leave me alone”. It will be the desires that are taught by parents, society: apartment, car, marriage, good job, etc.

Що робити, якщо робити нічого не хочеться

But you need now to get to your true self. Because you hid him well, if not buried. Remember: this list should not be less than 41 and if one desire come true, be sure dopisy new.

7. In order for your desires has turned into a goal — write down how much each one costs, and then you’ll realize. So was the $ and time. Where will this year, about a month. And, in some cases, you can take a chance and even the day you specify. Well, more fun? Dreams always inspire me.

8. Draw on a new sheet table button. Horizontal t the next 10 years, and along the vertical 6 key areas of your life.
I. Physical — all aspects of your body.
II. Personal — all aspects of your development.
III. The business is all work-related.
IV. Family — everything that relates to your loved ones.
V. Principle — your values and principles.
VI. And everything that affects you on planet Earth — events, places, people.

Що робити, якщо робити нічого не хочеться

9. Now fill in the table at least 7 goals in each area, distributing them so you can see which years, each of them must be achieved. Goal take it from the previous sheet with the desires, that is, there will be a minimum of 42. And tell, what intermediate results and when should be obtained to you could implement his plan.

10. On the following sheet – sign for the plan year in the same table, only horizontally will not years, months. Put their goals and objectives based on the previous letters. This will give you a clear understanding of where you need to move on and ka to do it. There’s goals and plans.

Що робити, якщо робити нічого не хочеться

11. On the basis of the plan for the year, write down what you want to do today or tomorrow in order to carry out his desires. It will be difficult. I didn’t say it was easy. You managed to get stuck in a “comfort zone” — and get out of here!
What you read is not a theory — it is a practical exercise that will help you to understand what they want and want even more! This is important because you will start moving in the right direction to do something and change only when you understand WHY or FOR WHAT.

If you’re too lazy to do something, it’s not bad. It just means that you don’t need it. But to want, you just need to create a goal — HIS GOAL, not because anyone should or someone has something similar.

Що робити, якщо робити нічого не хочеться

To exit the “comfort zone”, you just need to make at least one step towards your goals. Sometimes it’s fairly easy to write and life changing. In General, do something: go study, go on courses, carried away with something new, get a new job. The main thing that you could answer the question, why do you need. And then the main thing is not to stop.

Що робити, якщо робити нічого не хочеться

Action! Use your dreams and goals and be happy! Actions already. Don’t wait for tomorrow, Monday, or the first. Change your life now!

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