What to do in Paris this evening? Going to see Asgeir at the Bataclan

Asgeir will be on 12 October at the Bataclan. — Hub Magazine

Qualified since Monday for its first World Cup, Iceland now
a number of good footballers very high relative to its modest population of 330 000 inhabitants. But let’s not forget that this is already the case since a long time for the music. The heir
Björk and
from Sigur Ros called Asgeir Trausti, and tonight he will be on stage at the Bataclan (
to 19 hours, 36,20 €).

>>> This show is booked on the platform of our partner, the Carrefour Spectacles

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The biography of a young man of 25 years old is already a song of folk. High among the sheep and forty inhabitants on a tiny island between Iceland and Greenland, it develops very quickly two passions : rock music and the javelin, that he spends hours practicing in the moors desolate during the nights polar, aiming one day to the olympic Games.

The words of his father

Asgeir, as it is now called, has finally chosen the music after an injury during training, and so much the better. The folk-tinged electronic music from his first album released in 2013, In the silence, which had largely seduced off the island.

It was, in fact, a translated English version of the same album released a year earlier in the icelandic language, Dýrð í dauðaþögn, in the words written by his father, bought by a Icelandic on ten.

Afterglow, his second album, has been finished comfortable on the international stage. Then you’ll quickly listen to it, you never know, he could decide to return to the javelin.

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