What to do when your partner is in hysterics. 7 tips from a clinical psychologist

Что нужно делать, когда ваш собеседник в истерике. 7 советов от клинического психолога

There are times when the emotions of your interlocutor out of control and he gives vent to feelings.

He starts crying or something in the hearts to tell. And you are silent and not even close to understand what to say.

All face similar. Very good news is that this doesn’t happen often. But still in these moments we feel helpless. A rare occurrence of such cases only a depressing situation.

But, alas, the decisions in such moments are of great importance. Because all this is happening with the people we love.

We offer you 7 steps that will help you to deal with stressful situations.

Step 1. Calm

In your dialogue you already have the source, which is very emotional. Your mutual tantrum to anything good will not. For this simple reason it is so important to calm down.

Step 2. Care

No, we are not talking about indulgence. But you’re not going to behave rationally with the baby. You are trying to solve the problem and pay little attention to the tantrum.

With the adults all the same.

Step 3. Slow speech

Such a speech says about the mind that cold means thinking. Don’t ask the person to stop crying and screaming. Ask him to speak slowly so you could really help him.

Step 4. Action

The person has calmed down? Well. Now ask what you need to do. He will think and cool off.

Step 5. Questions

No explanation! Don’t try to explain something to this person. For what? Better ask.

Step 6. The correct wording

Do not start sentences with “would You…”. Start with “I wish…”. Let your sentences sound like a wish.

Step 7. The last word

The last word should be yours. Don’t let your own pride.

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