What to do with the bed, where he slept with a deceased relative?

A large number of people thinks that to think about death, or think bad of her.

Що робити з ліжком, на якій спав померлий родич?

A large number of people thinks that to think about death, or think bad of her. In their thoughts they cite the proverb: “do Not trouble trouble until quiet.” But is it right? The samurai believed that it was helpful to refresh your mind with thoughts about death. The more you scroll them in the head, the easier life will be. But what to do with the bed, where he slept with a deceased relative?

Somehow on eyes article was found addressing the question of whether to sleep in the bed had become a deathbed for another person. Many believe that it is not valid in other people like the idea puzzling. Well, how can that be, you ask? Proposed to deal with this together, reports Rus.Media.

You should sleep on the bed of the relative, which not so long ago died?

Who lost loved ones, knows the pain of loss. And to experience this grief, it will take a lot of time. Sometimes, even without noticing, you fall on the place where the deceased slept. Hug his pillow and say something.

If you are dealing with this man as if he was with you. And I understand that it makes you feel better. This “communication” gives you strength, and the pain of loss gradually fades. And what do you say to that? Not worth to do so?

Disinfection of furniture

From the point of view of medicine, if the cause of death is infectious disease, then the bed may not be a threat to your health. But in any case, before you can use it to rest, disinfect with antiseptic or alcohol the entire surface. Change the sheets, and boldly go to bed.

But if the cause of death was a viral disease, then use another method of disinfection. Use the quartz lamp. Using ultraviolet rays which it emits, you will be able to easily and effectively get rid of all kinds of viruses. There is a reason why it is used in medical institutions.

From the point of view of religion

And what “speaks” about this religion? Is it a sin? Clerics argue that there is nothing wrong with that, you will use this piece of furniture in the future.

And do not confuse faith with dark bias. If you have doubts, then sprinkle bed or sofa Holy water, or better yet, use the services of a priest. He will carry out a full Church the rite of sanctification of deathbed.

Human life is fleeting. No one knows the exact time of death, and how long we will be able to enjoy the presence of relatives and friends. Death spares no one, she has no favorites, all are equal before her.

Don’t sleep on the bed of the magician!

People who have the gift of communicating with the dead, believe that it is impossible to sleep in the bed of the deceased person who had magical powers. All in his energy field. It will not give full rest to the living man, as will always disturb him. And this is expressed in the disturbing dreams and even asthma attacks.

But how often have you met a powerful magician? Most would say no. And if you are sure that the deceased did not have a magical gift, then the bad dreams you will not get any.

Energetic cleansing of the bed of the deceased

But, before you go to bed, spend a little ritual. Light a candle and run it around the bed, without ignoring even the smallest plot. And do not forget to do such manipulations and under the bed. In this way you will be able to get rid of the accumulated negative energy. Because the fire has the power of purification.

You can also use salt for purification of the bed from the negative energy. It is enough to sprinkle salt on the bed. At the end of this procedure, your bed becomes suitable for further use.

If you often think about death, then you will not become a samurai. But talking about the dead and their lodges, you can come to other thoughts, far more important than death. Living life, people want to be blissful, expecting to obtain eternal life. But carnal pleasures and sinful actions to protect the way to achieve eternal life.

What if life is in the soul, not in the body? That explains why our desire for eternity are in our lives in the first place. Maybe it is our essence.

You should sleep on the bed of a deceased person who was dear to you in life, only you can decide for yourself. Drop all prejudices and beliefs, believe in different stuff. After all, both science and religion have proven that there is nothing wrong with that. Need to fear the living, not the dead. And relatives and loved ones during life and after death, you will not be harmed.

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