What to look for on the specialty channels this weekend?

Quoi regarder sur les chaînes spécialisées ce week-end?

MONTREAL | In this confinement period, here are some suggestions for programming to watch on the French-language specialty channels on Saturday 28, Sunday 29 and Monday 30 march.

Saturday, march 28,

Burst at CASA

You are early risers and have a desire to fantasize about other decorations as your kitchen or your living room, in these times where you can barely put the tip of the nose outside? After 6 h, CASA began the weekend with two shows in burst shots of two episodes, Mini home and For sale with views. Mini-home with jacuzzi and terrace fold-down or built by three generations of men, residence in the Hamptons with the perspective to cut the breath on the edge of the sea or home with window views of the downtown San Francisco: what have the taste to move… when the storm passes. Saturday, 6 p.m., 6: 30 p.m., 7 p.m. and 7: 30 p.m., CASA.

The letter

Viewers addressed a letter to the favourite star of one of their relatives, and the stars in question, choose the letter that touches them the most and are going to meet the person described, with the complicity of the author(s) of the message. It creates the surprise in a place grandiose or intimate. Garou, Lara Fabian, M. Pokora and Enrico Macias, among others, have taken part in the experiment. Saturday, 20: 45, TV5.

The vacation of Mr. Bruno

We jump into the third season of the Holidays of Mr. Bruno and one escapes (virtually!) in Africa with the guide the more colorful, which is, Bruno Blanchet. This last leads us on the lake Nokoué, which houses many of the villages and immerse themselves in the everyday life of Benin who live in houses on stilts. Saturday, 21 h, Escape.

Sunday, 29th march

Operation sabotage

Zeste deconstructs the seasons of the competition culinary Operation sabotage by presenting random episodes pigés in the nine years of the appointment. Under the watchful eye of host Alton Brown, four chefs need to prepare gourmet dishes evaluated by the celebrities invited. Sunday, 9 h, 10 h and 11 h, Zest.


To see or review, the last of the second season of Expat, this portrait of Quebecers who have everything to put the cap on foreign countries, and build a new life elsewhere on the globe. The moderator Jean-Michel Péloquin takes us well beyond images of postcards for us to expose the raw reality of professionals who have dared to uproot. Sunday, 12 p.m., CASA.

Hint of magic

The last of the fifth season of the series Hint of magic (The Good Witch in the original version). This is the graduation ceremony, and everyone prepares for this important step. Sam (James Denton) is still collecting evidence in the hope of finding the treasure in Middleton. Blocked by the curse, Abigail (Sarah Power) is not able to express his feelings to Donovan (Marc Bendavid). Sunday, 17 h, Series More.

Monday, march 30,

Where are you?

Monday to Thursday, the chain ME AND ICE rebroadcasts of episodes of the two seasons Where art thou?, documentary series worn by Marie-Claude Barrette. The meeting of the families in which a loved one is gone without a trace, reliving the highlights of their investigations and brings to the surface of the unsolved mysteries that we are still looking for answers. Monday, 14 h, ME, ET CIE.

Hunters objects

The beginning of the documentary series, Hunters of objects, following of enthusiasts, flea markets looking for good deals. In French, the trade of used objects have the wind in the sails ; each year, nearly 15 million people flock to the “empty attics” of France. Look at the phenomenon. Monday, 20 h, Planet+.

Call me if you die

After a stay auspicious a year on Club illico, where it has garnered over a million views in two weeks at the time of its release, in early march, 2019, the series Calls to me if you die is now available to viewers addikTV. Police series raspy, a kind of cross between In a galaxy near you , and black Series, the work is written by Pierre-Yves Bernard and Claude Legault. This last is the star in the company of Denis Bernard, in particular. Monday, 22 h, addikTV.

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