What to watch on television Thursday?

Quoi regarder à la télévision jeudi?

MONTREAL | In this confinement period, here are some suggestions for programming to watch on tv on French-language channels, on Thursday 2 April.

Boule et Bill 2

The characters of the famous cartoon take on new life on the screen in the film of Pascal Bourdiaux. The father of the Ball can now write comic inspired by the adventures of his son and his dog, Bill. The kid, himself, is in love with Stephanie, who has instead set her sights on another boy, Wilfried. Thursday, 15: 30, Yoopa.

21 Jump Street

The american comedy from Phil Lord and Chris Miller (2012) starring Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Brie Larson, among others, tells the story of two teenagers at loggerheads become police officers accomplices, who are called to infiltrate a high school and to comply with the codes of today’s teenagers to carry out their investigation. Thursday, 16 h, Taken 2.

Match-Canadian Northern

TVA Sports to relive the good old rivalry-Canadian Northern! This Thursday, we will review the match of 15 December 1988, where the Nords had won 6 to 4 at the Colisée in Quebec city. Most enthusiasts will remember that, on the same day, the coach of the Nordiques, Ron Lapointe, announced that he was suffering from a kidney tumor that is incurable. This party had been his last behind the bench of the Nordiques, where he had then been replaced by Jean Perron. Thursday, 19 h, TVA Sports.

Curious Bégin

Break out the vino! Christian Bégin began his 12th season at the counter of the “Curious Bégin”. This year, the host, bon vivant placotera and papotera with, among others, Jeff Stinco, Mehdi Bousaidan, Vincent Vallières, Julianne Côté, Matthieu Dugal, and several other guests, as well as the growers, winemakers, growers, breeders, etc, Thursday, 21 h, Télé-Québec.

Emergency: between life and death

The beginning of the second season of this series, where we follow patients admitted to the emergency ward of the Vancouver general hospital. Health professionals are striving every day to transform large and small bobos in convalescence successful. Where humour rubs shoulders with on a daily basis the human drama the more poignant. Thursday, 21 h, ME, ET CIE.


Incursion into the daily lives of lawyers specialized in criminal offences and criminal law. This week, charges of road rage against a police officer, in civilian clothes, and a placier is accused of assault a spectator. Thursday, 21: 30, VAT.

A struggle copy

Final of the season. Determined to get revenge, Blum decides to represent a group of former customers of Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart, who attacked the firm for overbilling. When Lucca discovers that she is approached for a position as an associate, she wondered about his reputation within the firm. Meanwhile, Diane helps Kurt with a work project. Thursday, 22 h, Series More.

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