What to watch on tv Monday?

Quoi regarder à la télé lundi?

MONTREAL | Here’s a few suggestions of shows and movies to watch on tv on French-language channels on Monday 8 June.

Sweet And Salty

This 19th season of Sweet and Salty will be presented live from a shelf, installed on the 21st floor of the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel, Montreal. Patrice Bélanger will receive some guests, and talk with others by video-conferencing. The aim is always to present times, original and unusual with the favorite artists of the public.

Monday, 18: 30, VAT

The heads

This is the grand final of the tenth season. The aspiring leaders still in contention will have to concoct a gourmet dinner in the four services. The judges will be accompanied by three guest chefs: Martin Picard, Helena Loureiro and Baptiste Peupion.

Monday, 20h, ICI Radio-Canada Télé

In Saint-Henri the 26th of August

Produced by the NFB, the film was shot in 24 hours by some of the most brilliant filmmakers in quebec. Mosaic of images, it shows the daily life of a popular district that has evolved in the last decades, through the testimony of the inhabitants and key players. The area rather unloved of the city is transformed, but its community is far more eclectic than elsewhere.

Monday, 20h, Planet+

Four weddings and a funeral

For Charles (Hugh Grant), the eternal bachelor, only his friends are. But when he meets Carrie (Andie Macdowell) at a wedding where he is officiating as a witness, it does not measure the strength of the thunderbolt.

Monday, 20h, Socket 2


Scientist and popularizer extraordinaire, Boucar Diouf will tell the improbable story of four familiar foods of Quebec in this new documentary series. For this first issue, it traces the journey of the tomato by interacting with various stakeholders in the value chain and local producers.

Monday, 21h, ICI Explora

The boys of ballet

The training to become a ballet dancer is long and arduous. This documentary follows three dancers from the royal Winnipeg Ballet, the three boys (Logan, age 10, Michel age 14, and Philip, 21 years of age) who invest themselves fully in their art since a very young age.

Monday, 21h, united States TV


Chris (Patrick Wilson) and Leah (Kerry Washington), a young mixed couple, moved into a new neighborhood. But their dream will quickly turn into a nightmare because of Abel Turner (Samuel L. Jackson), their neighbour is racist, that does not support their relationship interracial.

Monday, 23h, ME AND ICE

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