What to watch on tv on Friday?

Quoi regarder à la télévision vendredi?

In this confinement period, here are some suggestions for programming to watch on tv on French-language channels on Friday, the 3rd of April.

“Diving in the deep blue”

The leading specialists of the oceans to the remotest corners of the planet plunge the discovery of the secrets of the seas of the globe. This week, the marine area of Socorro, near the Mexico and Baja California, famous for its concentration of giant Manta ray, turtles, giant tuna, dolphins and other species, is at the heart of the exploration. First episode of the first season. Friday, 13 h, Escape.

“It ends well the week”

Even if the regular season “It ends well the week is over, it prolongs the pleasure with Julie Bélanger and José Gaudet with the rebroadcast of a show from last fall where were honored Garou (and his passion for Motown), Jean-Pierre Coallier (and its many memories) and Billy Tellier (in the wake of his tour “Hypocrite(s)”). Friday, 19 h, VAT.

“100 geniuses”

Beautiful surprise by Radio-Canada Television last fall, the first season of the game “100 geniuses”, led by Pierre-Yves Lord and whose return is confirmed, is rebroadcast this spring. Of passionate young people, respond to questions of memory, deduction and general knowledge. A quiz playful and fun in the tradition of the “Geniuses of grass” and other rewarding appointment of the genre. Friday, 19 h, ICI Radio-Canada Télé.

“Pour toujours les Canadiens”

If the accomplishments (and setbacks!) of our Glorious miss you in this period of food shortage sports, then fall back on the movie “pour toujours les Canadiens”, as Yoopa broadcasts in its box cinema “Yoo+”. Released in 2009, the movie by Sylvain Archambault featuring Dhanaé Audet-Beaulieu and Claude Legault celebrates 100 years of the montréal team through the realization of the dream of a young hockey player amateur. Friday, 20: 30, Yoopa.

“The country of Drummond”

The singer Pascal Allard, aka “The cowboy running”, revisits the history of the country quebec is interesting the career of artists who have marked the genre with us, as Renée and Marcel Martel, the Brothers Bessette, Gaston Mandeville, Gildor Roy, Cain, The Three Agreements and Georges Hamel. The series consists of seven 30-minute episodes. Friday, 21 h, ICI ARTV.


Documentary series in eight episodes, which presents the quest of socio-anthropological phd in neuropsychology Guillaume Dulude. At the option of its travel in Tanzania, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Kyrgyzstan, the specialist globe-trotter uses her skills in human behavior and interpersonal relationships to create links with tribes unknown to the planet. Friday, 21 h, TV5.


An elite unit of the drug enforcement sees its members to be violently disposed of one after the other after stealing $ 10 million for a cartel in mexico. A film with none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olivia Williams and Sam Worthington. Friday, 23 h, addikTV.

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