What to watch on tv on Tuesday?

Quoi regarder à la télévision mardi?

MONTREAL – In this confinement period, here are some suggestions for programming to watch on tv on French-language channels on Tuesday, 14 April.

“Hero dog”

Replay of the first season of this reality show animal. Nate bought an adorable golden retriever mixed with a rottweiler for Kalani, an ex-marine who suffers from anxiety and a disorder of severe post-traumatic stress. Laura takes care of Kelly, who suffers from a rare form of cerebral palsy, and finds him an adorable great dane. Tuesday, 9 a.m., ME AND CO.


Luc Dionne revisitait in 2005, the infamous story of the little Aurore, the child martyr, who died in 1920 under the cruel abuse of her mother-in-law, Marie-Anne Houde. Chosen from among more than 10,000 adolescents and to incarnate the girl assaulted her, Marianne Fortier, at the age of ten years, embarked upon a prolific career, surrounded by big names such as Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc (the wicked step-mother), Serge Postigo (Télésphore Gagnon, the father of Aurora), Rémy Girard (Auréus Mailhot, a justice of the peace), Yves Jacques (the parish priest Leduc), Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse (Marie-Jeanne, the sister of Dawn) and many others. Tuesday, 16: 30, Cinépop.

“Not more stupid than us”

To distract the youth with our animal friends and the facilitator Jérémie Larouche, we are going to feed the charming inhabitants of the Safari Park, Nick Ferrets and Rats-Vengers give themselves as mission to understand the ways of digestion, animal, and Albert Einchenille studying the way the animals feed. Tuesday, 16: 30, united States TV.

World cup of hockey 2016

See or review the course without fault of Canada to the world Cup of hockey took place in September 2016 in Toronto. The canadian team brought together when talents like Carey Price, Shea Weber, Sidney Crosby and Patrice Bergeron. After the broadcast, on Monday, two matches of the preliminary round, the semi-final begins on Tuesday, while Canada faces Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin and Russia. Tuesday, 19 h, TVA Sports.

“If we loved”

The first week of “If we loved”, marked, among others, by the psychorigidité of Jonathan on the choice of raclette cheese at the grocery store, left no sign of romance easy between the three couples to the test, but who knows which way the wind could turn? On Tuesday, the pairs test their complicity in experimenting with a variety of activities. The connivance is the appointment for Jonathan and Marie-Eve, but Jennifer and Mike are more difficult to hear. Tuesday, 19: 30, VAT.


An expert in demonology teamed up with a detective to counter the satanic forces that threaten the world of the living, in this fantasy drama by Francis Lawrence, with Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz and Shia LaBeouf. Tuesday, 19: 30, addikTV

“Turbulent waters”

Previously broadcast on ICI ARTV last fall, the miniseries police four hours “turbulent Waters”, entirely filmed in Sudbury, Ontario, has just made the jump to HERE Radio-Canada Télé. Featuring Hélène Florent in the skin of Marianne Desbiens, an investigator who must solve a murder, as soon as she returned to her hometown, following a police killing that resulted in serious consequences. This is this week’s second episode, of the fiction, which also brings together actors such as Gabriel Sabourin, Charles Bender, Geneviève Langlois and Patrick Drolet. Tuesday, 20 h, ICI Radio-Canada Télé.

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