What to watch on tv Wednesday?

Quoi regarder à la télévision mercredi?

MONTREAL | In this confinement period, here are some suggestions for programming to watch on tv on French-language channels, on Wednesday 22 April.

The officer is doing the stuffing

The screwball comedy of 1988 has she aged well? Go to terminal 2 to know the answer to, so that you can find the police officer clumsy, played by Leslie Nielsen, who fights only to prevent the assassination of queen Elizabeth, of passage in the United States. Wednesday, 14 h, Taking 2.

Rear view mirror

Véronique Cloutier

Véronique Cloutier conducts an interview rear-view mirror with Jean-Michel Anctil and returned with the comedian and actor on his side, the perfectionist, who often need to be hard on himself. To such a degree that he nearly dropped out of the scene. What holds it, today, his years of questioning? Wednesday, 19 h, ICI Radio-Canada Télé.

Engineering for the planet

Launched on the occasion of Earth Day, the series Of the engineering for the planet “explores the quebec innovations at the service of the environment and the preservation of the planet. The civil engineer Suze Youance part in the encounter engineering(e)s and scientists meet challenges related to sustainable agriculture, the production and storage of renewable energy, protection of water courses, etc Wednesday, 19 h, Know Media.


Patrice Godin

This first season of Survivalist would not have been released at a better time, in these times when a simple visit to the grocery store almost becomes a dangerous adventure. Last of the docu-reality show hosted by Patrice Godin, in which the survivalist is preparing for the event of the worst catastrophe scenarios. Wednesday, 19: 30, ME AND CO.

Blue Moon

The information contained in the computer of Matthew (Michael McNally) reveal that the minister of the Environment, Marc Daigneault (Emmanuel Charest), has received a bribe considerable. Vincent (David Hague) visited him, while he confides to Justine (Karine Vanasse), the mission to break its safe. Wednesday, 21 h, VAT.

The body

Police drama Spanish Oriol Paulo, with Belen Rueda, Hugo Silva, Aura Garrido and Jose Coronado. A police inspector investigates the disappearance in the morgue, the corpse of a rich business woman. Wednesday, 21 h, Télé-Québec.

But why? In containment

By Morin, producer Valérie Beaulieu and the director, Jean-Philippe Pariseau in meeting for the show “But why?” that aired on Z tv.

By Morin is back in service time of three special episodes of interesting documentary series, But why?, in the context of containment which prevails currently. In this first appointment, one examines the need to be on social networks to default not be able to shine in other spheres of life. Testimonials from specialists and friends by bringing their grain of salt. Wednesday, 21 h, Z.

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