What trees best to plant in the spring garden

Experienced growers advise to plant trees as soon as the snow melts and the air is set zero temperature.

Які дерева найкраще садити навесні в саду

In the spring, once the snow melts and the air will be established zero temperature, in the garden you can plant fruit trees, informs Rus.Media.

The roots of the trees in the spring absorbs moisture, coming into the earth from melting snow, so the seedlings are easier to fit in. But the sapling planted in the autumn, may be exposed to severe frosts and will not survive.

Experienced growers advise to plant in spring, heat-loving stone fruit trees: cherries, cherries, plums, apricots, and nezametny varieties of pears. If the soil in a garden plot thick and heavy, moreover, with a high degree of moisture, all kinds of fruit trees recommended to plant in the spring.

Features spring planting of fruit trees

When planting seedlings in the spring should consider the following factors:

1. The hole for planting you need to prepare in the autumn or in spring 2 weeks before planting the tree. Fertile layer of soil must be mixed with organic (compost or humus) and mineral fertilizers. In any case, do not add fresh manure.

2. It is impossible to plant the seedlings at temperatures below 0°C – they can not settle down.

3. Not allowed to plant trees in soil with frozen clods.

4. Planting should be completed before they begin to swell buds.

5. Before planting, the sapling should be cut all the dried and frozen roots. Dried roots are different brown and frozen at the cut appears gray or black shade. Such roots pruned to healthy tissue (it’s on the cut tree-white).

6. If the roots are dried during transportation, before planting a seedling need for hours put in water.

Planting cherries

To plant cherry best on slopes protected from the North wind. The tree grows well in fertile, volgopromchim, light sandy loam soil with a high content of potassium. The root system does not tolerate stagnant water and poorly developed on dry land, so the location for planting cherry need to choose wisely.

Before the spring planting of cherries in the ground should be ash, and mineral and organic fertilizers. On one hole, sufficient for 10-15 kg of humus or compost, 0.5 kg of ash (sludge 60 g of potassium sulfate) and 250 to 300 g of superphosphate.

Planting cherries

Cherries are not so demanding to the composition of the soil, as cherries. The tree grows well in loamy, and sandy soils. Cherry can grow and bear fruit in dry areas. But, the landing site should be selected on the same rules as for the cherries. Note – the ground water in this place must not lie closer than 2 m from the surface of the earth.

Before the spring planting of cherries on one hole should be 1-2 bucket (10-20 l) of humus or compost, 150 g of superphosphate and 60 g of potassium sulfate (or 0.5 kg of wood ash).

Planting plum

The climatic conditions of the middle band do not allow the seedlings of plums, planted in the autumn, to take root and grow strong. Wymarzony be even quite winter-hardy varieties. So plum of any variety planted in the spring. Plum feel their best on clay and medium (closer to heavy) soils. Among all types of plum trees, perhaps the only tolerate wet soil.

When planting plums need to be limed soil: for sandy soils make lime or wood ash at the rate of 200 g per 1 sq. m., and loam – 500 g per 1 sq. m. the Top soil sprinkle a thin layer of mullein and dig.

Before the spring planting plums on one hole, make 1 bucket (10 liters) of rotted manure or compost, 250-300 g of superphosphate, 60-80 g sulfate or potassium chloride.

Planting pear

Spring planted pear varieties, average, below average and low winter hardiness.

Pears should find the site a warm and dry place. The tree grows well on heavy, but enough to volgopromchim and nutrient-rich soil. Therefore, when preparing holes in it to make 3 buckets of humus or compost, and just before spring planting, 60 g of potassium sulfate (or 1 kg of wood ashes and 200 g of superphosphate.

Planting apricot

Of all stone fruit trees apricot is considered the most thermophilic. So the tree is planted exclusively in the spring when the soil warms up enough.

The choice of location for planting the apricot is a crucial determinant of the success in its cultivation. The culture grows well on gentle slopes facing the West. Best lightweight and loose soil: sandy loam and loam.

The apricot you need a soil that is well enriched with nutrients. To do this, when landing in a pit make this amount of fertilizer: 0.5 kg of superphosphate, 150 g ammonium nitrate, 100 g potassium salt, 1 kg lime and 2 kg of wood ash.

In addition to the above the fruit trees in the spring, put peaches, almonds and hazel. But keep in mind that the trees at temperatures below -25°C freeze. So choose for planting in his garden crops that will continue to heal and be able to give a decent crop.