What types of women not attracted to men?

The belief that men love with their eyes, still remains. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Які типи жінок зовсім не привертають чоловіків?

Each society creates its own rules and ideals. In recent years, we seem to be accustomed to the popular idea that men love tall blondes with a brilliant smile of Hollywood and an impeccable manicure. But is this really so?

Because of this belief many young girls are being tortured in various diets that sometimes lead to serious diseases such as bulimia and anorexia. All of these women’s suffering to try to extract maximum benefit from today’s ideal of beauty. But these victims are often absolutely not necessary. If men have relied on fictitious standards of beauty, people disappeared. Because the ideal of dummies will be enough for all men, isn’t it?

What female qualities are most attractive to men? Of course, the belief that men love with their eyes, still remains. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. In the list of claims representatives of the stronger sex to the ladies also have many other qualities in addition to the ideal image. Of course, the desire of all people are different. Somebody waiting for the lady of their heart will always go to sexy underwear, someone loves magical views, everyone has their own preferences.

How to not sound trite, but many men are looking for women a good personality, sense of humor and similar interests. But isn’t it interesting that men reject? There are different types of women that men do not suffer. Here they are.

1. The main head. Successful, strong and independent woman is always a threat to men. They definitely do not like a very ambitious lady with a fighting potential. This type of women is often devoid of sentimentality. They are not realizing it sometimes make relations with her husband in a business deal without any romance.

2. Stupid fun. This type of women only care about what to buy and where to go on vacation. In others, serious issues in life, they certainly have no opinion. They also put minimal energy into other things besides purchases. The man is very difficult to find something in this girl that long to keep interest. Even if it is a long-legged blonde.

3. MousepadThis type of women behaving in the society of men, as if they were the private nature of the company. And along with alcohol, sports themes and cynical jokes, their femininity is lost. Men do not like to have their girlfriends behaved. Also don’t like it when women don’t take care of themselves. Therefore it is necessary not to forget to look after themselves, even if you are in a difficult period. There is nothing difficult to dress well, to follow the hairstyle, the matte nail Polish and not only.

4. Material requirements. These women focus only on the material status of men, and they are easily lured by expensive gifts, only think about expensive purchases. Not every man can handle a woman like that and, in particular, to keep its level. This makes them superficial in the eyes of men and not of interest to serious long-term relationship.

5. Obsession. This type women are very jealous and always puts her lover in various tests. She began a very serious relationship with man from the beginning, too emotionally dependent on him and scares him desire a quick marriage. Smart men flee from such women.

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