What was expected of our children?

Quel été attend nos enfants?

Several European countries are beginning to put measures in place so that young people are starting to play together in the open air, while respecting the rules of social distancing. The Journal presents an overview of the measures put in place elsewhere on the planet.

Leagues in american minor outstanding

In the United States, U. S. Soccer stop permanently the operations of the Development Academy, soccer league is the most competitive for the youth of this country, because of financial problems caused by the pandemic. New York baseball tournaments Cooperstown Dreams Park have all been cancelled, while those of the minor leagues of baseball are suspended until at least may 11. Parks in Stanislaus, California, however, have been reopened to allow the children to have a little fun. Since the facilities are not cleaned every day, the authorities warn families : “You play at your own risk “.

Remote gaming in Denmark

The kids have fun at a distance in the playground since the primary schools have reopened in mid-April. Small have invented a game of tag, in which they must walk on the shadow of their friends rather than the touch, while remaining at 1.5 m distance. The teachers have also lengthened the strings to dance in order that students can engage in the activity in accordance with the safety instructions.

Strict measures in the Belgian

Classes will resume partially from the 18 may, but all students 12 years and older and members of staff will wear a mask. Physical education classes will be organized according to specific conditions. If the physical proximity is too great, or that infrastructure is needed, the course will be cancelled. The sports centres and swimming pools remain closed until further notice. The outdoors is encouraged, provided that they respect the safety distance.

First outing for the small Spanish

Children run in a park in Seville in the company of their mother. The Spanish children were able to play outside for the first time in six weeks Sunday.

The minister of Health, el Salvador Illa, has eased the containment that governed very strictly smaller. Since Sunday, the young people under 14 years of age could go for a walk or play outside for an hour per day. If they are allowed to play with a ball or a scooter, the play areas of parks remain closed.

The round ball on break in France

With the gradual return to school comes the implementation of measures to move a little. The classes will be divided so that while some explore, others will be able to practice sports in the open air. The academy of Saint-Germain of Paris, one of the largest soccer schools in France, remains on hiatus for an indefinite period of time.

The training begins again in the netherlands

The children will be able to start playing their sport as of April 29, under adult supervision, two weeks after back-to-school part-time elementary students. The official competitions will remain cancelled, but the activities of the 12 years and under will not necessarily be made at 1.5 m distance, in contrast to youth aged 13 to 18 years of age.

Soccer continues in Sweden

The primary schools are always open, but new habits have been adopted. Now, the parents remain on the outside when they submit their children to the school and the groups are separated from each other. The soccer practices of the children continue as before, but the coach must ensure that no one player sick not to take part. They do not need to lead to gatherings of 50 or more people.

Bad news for the summer sports in the country

In Alberta, the football league, Edmonton has canceled his season. In Calgary, mayor Naheed Nenshi in advance that there will be no soccer, and baseball camps throughout the summer. It’s the same in Manitoba, where access to all the outdoor sports fields and gymnasiums is prohibited. The amateur sport of any age is on break until the 1st of June at a minimum. In British Columbia, BC Soccer said to wait for the decisions of the health authorities and have no official date as to the resumption of activities, if it takes place. In Ottawa, mayor Jim Watson has not ruled out the possibility of closing all of the parks if the rules of detachment are not met. The playgrounds are not accessible in the capital.

Is there hope for the children here ?

In Quebec, the measures adopted by the public health stipulate that citizens must stand at least two meters away, even outside. The children, therefore, can play outside with their siblings and their parents, without approaching other families. The playground modules of different parks are prohibited access.

If one relies on what happens in Europe, when the schools resume their activities, the measures relating to the sport are relaxed also. Thus, one may believe that when back in the classroom in Québec, the children will be less constrained as to the physical activity in the open air with their friends, but nothing has yet been announced.

For minor league sports, the competitions have not resumed in the european countries. Ditto our neighbours to the south, and in the English provinces.

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