What we know about the fire of the TV transmitter in Haute-Vienne

    What we know about the fire of the TV transmitter in Haute-Vienne

    Monday January 11, 2021, a fire affected the TDF transmitter located in the town of Cars in Haute-Vienne. Since then, several hundred thousand viewers in the region have been deprived of TNT. An “anti 5G” organization claimed the origin of the disaster. An investigation is underway.

    It was around 8:20 p.m., Monday January 11, 2021, when the retransmission of television channels via TNT was interrupted in part of Limousin, Charente and Dordogne. In question: a fire which broke out on the transmitter of TDF located in the commune of Cars.

    The fire started above the first platform of the 230-meter-high pylon. Firefighters and gendarmes went to the scene. Quickly, a dam was put in place, preventing all access to the site. The incident was brought under control around 10 p.m. A second pylon, next to the first, supporting installations of the telephone operator Orange, was also set on fire.

    In a press release, the Limoges Public Prosecutor said that three sources of fire had been identified by investigators on the site of the Cars transmitter. All three places show signs of break-in.

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    An investigation has been initiated for “destruction by dangerous means” and “attempted destruction by dangerous means”. It was entrusted to the Rehcerches Section of the Gendarmerie of Limoges with the support of Criminal Identification technicians.

    The authors face a 10-year prison sentence and a fine of € 150,000.

    A similar event occurred on December 1, 2019 on a transmitter in Marseille, with the arson of the transmitter in the Etoile massif.

    The editorial staff of the daily Le Populaire du Center received, this Tuesday, January 12, shortly before noon, an email claiming the fire. It was sent by a certain Committee for the Abolition of 5G and Its World (CLA5GSM).

    The damage is very important. The pylon was partially destroyed. The installation makes it possible to broadcast television channels via TNT as well as several radio stations. This transmitter is the main broadcasting site in Haute-Vienne but its area also concerns part of the Dordogne and may impact viewers and listeners in Corrèze. The repairs could take several days. To find out how to receive our programs, see our practical information in our dedicated article.

    On this subject, the editorial staff recommends

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