What wedding anniversary in any case be noted and why

Какие годовщины свадеб ни в коем случае нельзя отмечать и почему 

Our ancestors believed that the less we talk about their marital happiness to others, the stronger and more stable our Union using engagement rings. Not to be a self-fulfilling prophecy and not to divorce ahead of time, be careful to treat everything that concerns the sacrament of marriage and not to share details of his personal life. For example, some wedding anniversary, according to legends and folk superstitions, it is better not to celebrate unless of course you specifically want to test their relationship to the test. About why some family celebrations is better to keep the secret — in the material Passion.EN.16 years since sudbeat wedding anniversary is called “Topaz” and is traditionally not celebrated. Despite the fact that in numerology the number associated with well-being and prosperity, and the Topaz is a symbol of composure and sincerity, this holiday, according to popular belief, is best done in a narrow family circle, to remind myself that happiness loves silence and not have to share too intimate with others. Psychologists recommend not to spend this day together, to arrange a second honeymoon, think about what else you can do to preserve and increase what you have at the moment.17 years since sadybakasovich would be something wrong with “pink” or “tin” wedding, but it is believed that the more relaxed you will be spending the day, the better (and stronger) will be your relationship in the future. Spend time together, do something that you always dreamt about, but always postponed. On the other hand, this tradition can be explained by the fact that the couple recently “survived” the 15-year anniversary, summed up the common life and began to leisurely plan the next gala date — 20 years from the date of the wedding. Psychologists also recommend that you save your breath and instead collect guests at the noisy feast every year to come up with something original in the second major anniversary in your life.19 years from the day of the wedding”Pomegranate” traditionally, a wedding is also not marked and this is due to the fact that after 15 years of marriage spouses should pay special attention to “round” date, rest solely with each other. Moreover, during this period you could accumulate claims and innuendo, which you should find out before the onset of the second important date is 20 years from the date of the wedding. Try this day to do something nice for your other half, discuss what you do not like and what would you like to change (or improve in your life) and allow quarrels and clarify the relationship.28 years since sudbinushka this wedding — “Nickel” — speaks for itself. This durable metal without proper care very quickly fades and loses its appeal. The same thing happens with the relationships that may come to nothing, if not above them to work (of course it is a joint effort of both partners, not about “sacrifice” on the one hand and taking with the other, for example). So, according to statistics, in this period there are more family problems, leading eventually to the separation of the spouses. And to survive another possible crisis in the relationship calmly as possible, it is recommended to refrain from magnificent celebrations, parties and to devote this day to your other half.32 and 33 years from the date of sudbeat date to forget, of course, is not necessary, but it is possible to hold them together, away from prying eyes. 33, for example, is associated with the age of Christ, and therefore this period is considered a turning point in the relations of spouses. It is best to remember your first day looking and try to restore those feelings and emotions you felt at the beginning of your relationship. But at the same time to discuss what you have accumulated to each other over the years spent together and think about what you can do to make the relationship become stronger and more harmonious.36 years since свадьбы36 anniversary (or wedding bone China) associated with fragile porcelain, resembling in this case, the relationship in the couple that can break because of any irrelevant stuff. So this day people hold the spouses together, and not to make noisy parties and feasts. Psychologists, by the way, I agree with these recommendations, Recalling that happiness loves silence and if you want to save the most valuable thing you have — your feelings and relationship, that will devote the time to his second half. You may be able to access each other all over again or even fall in love with your partner.41-43 years from the date of sudbeat date highly controversial. On the one hand with the scope of “died down” 40-year anniversary of family life, therefore your relationship has stood the test of time and has moved to a new level, on the other hand is a time when we should remember all the good things you have experienced together with your spouse, thanking each other for love and support, discuss how valuable and meaningful to you was the years spent together. These days, according to legends, it is better to hold in a relaxed atmosphere, without exposing his happiness, otherwise you can provoke troubles and woes.46 years since wadbilliga wedding tradition is not celebrated in a big way. The very name of the holiday is associated with tenderness and calm that overwhelm the spouses who have lived together for almost a century. Children have long grown up, and grandchildren too, so you can devote time to your partner, look through the family album, to remember the memorable moments and thank each other for love and care. Close friends can congratulate the married couple with the celebration, however, to arrange a noisy party on this issue is still not recommended.

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