What would happen if during pregnancy to eat junk food?

Nothing can be tastier than junk food.

Що буде, якщо під час вагітності вживати шкідливу їжу?

Pregnancy is a time when it is appropriate (and necessary) to establish a healthy diet. Ahead 9 months and then at least another year of breastfeeding. Plenty of time, though psychologists say that the formation of habit takes only 21 days, reports Rus.Media.

What are the consequences of eating junk food during pregnancy?

You and your baby require sufficient amount of nutrients for the proper development of the brain, bones, organs and immune system of the child. Unhealthy foods will not help the pregnant woman to meet the nutritional needs, as they have zero nutritional value: junk food full of sugar, salt, fat and cholesterol.

A study conducted on pregnant rats, showed that rats who ate fatty food during pregnancy had offspring that preferred fatty foods. However, a balanced diet showed fewer cravings for fatty foods in the offspring of rats.

Another study proves, what if the diet of a pregnant a lot of sugar, it can lead to the development of allergies in children aged 7-9 years. There is also an increased risk of developing asthma in children.

Що буде, якщо під час вагітності вживати шкідливу їжу?

Products with high starch content (e.g., French fries) during heat treatment turns it into a chemical called akrilom. High levels of acrylamide can lead to reduced head circumference and reduced birth weight in babies.

If a woman is prone to weight gain, she especially need to follow the diet during pregnancy. Too much junk food during pregnancy leads to excessive weight gain, which can cause complications for both pregnant woman and child: preeclampsia, the birth of a large baby, premature birth, gestational diabetes, sleep apnea and an increased risk of birth defects, miscarriage, etc.

Junk food during pregnancy may cause problems with digestion: fried foods usually cause discomfort in the digestive tract and bloating. Besides, there is no sufficient amount of fiber needed to prevent constipation.

A healthy diet is a healthy and delicious food! That Sunday plan menu for the entire week and make a purchase. When the fridge is healthy food, it is always possible to cook easy and delicious snack, not to be tempted by chocolate bars, for example.

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