What would happen if the car will stand for a long time without operation

Experts argue that this is not the best way affects the condition of the machine.

Що буде, якщо автомобіль буде стояти довгий час без експлуатації

Of course, if we are talking about the middle lane, the active use of violent and the life of the car during the cold season to a certain extent shortens his life. Extreme cold, temperature extremes, precipitation, high humidity, salt and reagents on the roads – is not the best way affects the health of the machine. And the engine for the half year can be significantly reduced, informs Rus.Media.

However one very important condition: the genius of the world automobile industry, create units, units and mechanisms with a specific eye to the fact that the car traveled. That is the natural state for each serial machine is operating mode, and not many months of hibernation. As you know, the longer the animal is asleep, the harder it is to Wake up.

During regular operation mechanisms in the operating mode interact with each other, oil in parts and components is constantly circulated and mixed, at the time, as in the rest of this is not happening. For example, the brake pads or discs can rust after one week shut-down in the street in the cold season – and it’s easy to check.

The same thing happens with other metal elements. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts of the manufacturers, finally, to defeat the corrosion of the metal could not be anyone else. In addition, extended periods of inactivity and no contact with the lubricant severely affected the rubber seals and gaskets – material harden, crack and lose elasticity.

In addition, the structure of the oil is immobilized in a car can happen the effect of delamination, resulting in a precipitate different fractions. As is known, it consists of a base and additives, which affect its properties. So after a long downtime, not to kill the engine the old fluid should be replaced. Long immobilization has a negative effect on another technical hydraulics for example, brake fluid tends to accumulate moisture, thus losing performance.

Of course, the safety of the vehicle primarily depends on the conditions that influence it at rest. The lower the humidity, the more favorable for him habitat. In this sense, dry and warm garage – the perfect place for healthy sleep. But most of the machines in major cities are forced to spend the winter in the open air or in unheated and unventilated areas. In the spring they will need a thorough, deep and, unfortunately, costly intensive care, otherwise the car is seriously ill.