What you are the heroine of a romance Zodiac Sign?

А какая вы героиня любовного романа по Знаку Зодиака?

The constellations of the Zodiac see in a woman only the most beautiful. And the most fascinating women written entire novels in which the heroine’s Zodiac Sign like you.

ARIES — Anna Karenina

If a young lady Aries has decided that she will certainly need to do something, she’ll do it, despite the obstacles. Or rather, she does not see any obstacles, so it is arranged. Therefore, if the RAM you need something, better give it to her. And then it takes care of itself, and it is possible that in the process someone gets hurt. And most importantly: you should never dissuade the lady-Aries against the rash, and universe forbid you to drive her into a corner.

Aries POPs out, not seeing the road, and it is possible that run straight under a train like Anna Karenina unhappy. But before that, she’ll trample all involved. Because after all, Anna wanted only one thing: that it all be left alone and given easy to understand their desires. Instead, she had to defend everyone at once, and forces, alas, is not enough. But before you step under the train, Karenina still broke the backbone of everyone who pushed it there. Well, what can I say — your own fault, you fools.

А какая вы героиня любовного романа по Знаку Зодиака?

TAURUS — Emma Bovary

For some reason, many believe that ladies-Taurus — the living embodiment of philistinism. Indeed, the calf will not rest until I get myself a hardworking husband, a cozy house, a garden with a rose garden and a cat. The problem is that Taurus does not calm down after that. The bulls never calm down, they need to get around their cozy house was in turmoil of active life. You can go and give valuable guidance to all, and if not heeded — perhaps on the horn and do not say that you were not warned.

Here’s something and had Emma Rouault, but it is for some reason married dull the doctor, and then began a very predictable story: if Taurus to drive in the rotten province and locked up in a cozy house, Taurus will find where to apply their energy, albeit secretly. And if it is then it would end badly for everyone involved — well, sorry. It was necessary to give the Calf to do business. And no, the contents of a cozy cabin and upbringing of offspring is not the case. It is terribly boring, so boring that even to eat a piece of arsenic is more fun.

GEMINI — Larissa Ogudalova, “bride”

Everyone knows that Gemini is a dual nature, but few understand how. The twins are not worth anything to let out some of his many sub-personalities that will suit the performance is so believable that no one will doubt the reality of what is happening. The problem is that Twins often flirts and can no longer return to the initial point without loss.

It’s like the cycle of men around bride Ogudalova, who had to stop a shot, because the other options, in fact, was not. On the other hand, put the young lady’s Twin in this notorious situation — and she will repeat it exactly to a tee. However, completing all not a tragedy, and a farce. After all, whether Larisa financial independence, she would still gave this a bad game, but in the end, perhaps, would have thrown all and have gone to splash out with the camp. Because the Twins never play the same thing for a long time. It’s boring.

CANCER — Melanie Wilkes

Gone with the wind Melanie Wilkes, perhaps the only unqualified character in world literature that doesn’t look fake. It is completely alive, despite the fact that she has no flaws. Because on a horoscope it is probably Cancer. It ladies-Cancers see only the good in those who truly love. They are able to commit any crime, even murder, for the sake of his family.

Cancer and the family is all the people she loves. Unfortunately, some realize too late that the world in which live comfortably, rests on the fragile shoulders of Cancer. However, the Cancers it doesn’t bother me: Melanie, for example, could not see the dislike Scarlett because he was good, but not stupid. But if the young lady has Cancer someone truly loves, you will forgive him everything.

LION — Angelica

A series of novels by Anne and Serge Golon favorite entertaining reading for many generations. Because it is not true, of course, it does not happen: why is this Angelica, wherever you go, everywhere becomes Queen? Married a dark guy, and he was the perfect husband. Took husband, and wealth, and even children, and here you are, yesterday’s aristocrat bosses a gang of robbers. Was introduced to king Sun Louis immediately wants to get her mistress.

Sent to the harem… well, you understand. No, it is, of course, quite impossible to imagine — on one condition: if the young lady all this is happening, not a Lioness. And if she is still a Lioness, then I’m sorry: the crown in his pocket can not hide. Will still be willing to put the Lion on the throne, and worship her until the end of his days. It is unknown how the Lionesses do it, but we suspect that they themselves don’t know how. And if they do, they still will not tell, because it is not Imperial this business, of course.

The MAID, Maggie, “the thorn birds”

The most important thing you need to know about Virgos: Virgo — monogamous, it’s time. Virgo terrifyingly logical. The novel “the thorn birds” was written about the virgin — that’s three. Poor Maggie from early childhood, hated all the women that were nearby, including his own mother, and, in General, it would grow miserable, but nothing happened. “In any unclear situation go and work” the motto of Dev and Maggie who always found it comforting in some hard work.

As for love, there are options, of course, was not. Maybe Maggie and I would be able to love father de Bricassart, if not for one thing: celibacy is illogical! Why the hell the Church needs the priest’s bodies, if they lost souls? This is wrong! And Virgo, as you know, will not rest until around her will not prevail perfect order. And whoever dares to violate it, the virgin shall destroy with special cruelty. Yes, even if it was the same man whom she loves life.

LIBRA — Elizabeth Bennet, “Pride and prejudice”

Know why everyone is so in love with Liz Bennett? Because it is incredibly alive. So alive that no matter in which time we read the novel: still want to get this girl from the pages of the book, to be shaken by the collar and to the last in his ear: “Open your eyes, woman! Here he is the perfect Prince, grab him!” And all because it’s the prejudice, hearsay besides, it is not an obstacle for true feelings.

So I think all except the Weights. Weights it is necessary first to consider, to take a break and how to think. And maybe even make some kind of decision. Here Elizabeth took it and refused Mr. Darcy. Then I changed my mind. And what of this? If the situation changes, of course, you need to weigh everything again.

SCORPIO — Nastasia, “Idiot”

Nastasia, a woman incredibly beautiful, smart, proud, and totally, totally crazy. Didn’t she have the chance to marry a Prince and thus once and for all close the door to the past that, frankly, she was not the most iridescent. If not one, but Nastasia did, like a real Scorpion. Remember: you should never try to break a Scorpio.

Ladies-Scorpions from such attempts do not break, and explode, at the same time killing all life within a radius of one hundred kilometers. Around hurt the Scorpion all will die, go crazy, lose the most expensive — in General, the local Apocalypse is assured. Not to say that the lady Scorpio wants it — just a nuclear reaction can be run, but the stop will not work.

SAGITTARIUS — Marguerite de Navarre, “Queen Margot”

The essence of Sagittarius manifest in the future Queen of Navarre right from the very first pages of the novel: the young Margaret is forced to marry for political reasons, she is not in love with king Henry and calmly takes the news that he nourishes her any affection. What will make this situation any other sign? Right, and to think will forget about this marriage: responsibilities, so be it, it is possible to perform, and the rest — the point wasting resource on a fictitious husband?

Margaret immediately makes a Pact with her young husband. Because Henry is in danger, marriage is a path to the grave, and Margaret couldn’t let that happen, because it’s not fair, not fair, not fair! That’s the whole point of the character girls-Sagittarius: she does not tolerate fraud, injustice, and intrigue. While the intrigue weaves extremely well and will stop at nothing: for the sake of Henry have retained the crown, Margaret of Navarre sacrificed the life of his beloved. And did not hesitate a single minute. Love is a wonderful thing, of course, but the main thing — that all the good people won all the bad ones.


As we remember, the share of baby Jane dropped is the number of trials that it is time to start to suspect her to be a woman-a cyborg with an artificial nervous system. Any other young lady still on the stage of life in the orphanage dropped to his hands. And after the episode with the appearance of the mad wife of Mr. Rochester pushed would be the night cap of this very spouses in the throat this very Mr. Rochester.

And Jane, Jane is not just all right, and ultimately turned to their advantage. Because she — just like Capricorns: duty above all, it is time. And two — they have all the moves written down, our own and others’. Girl-Capricorn sooner or later, one way or another, but will make everyone toe the line and do what you must.

AQUARIUS — leoncia Solano, “hearts of three”

In the works of Jack London and want to, will not find a weak woman, but leoncia Solano is something special. Natural girl-Aquarius, which not only can not sit still, but certainly wants to be in the heart of a desperate mess. When this dust is special, of course. To hate this villain, as we remember, was desperately in love with both of Morgan, one of the other better — it would seem that intrigue you, here’s the rapid the whirlpool of life!

Anything like Aquarius in this situation will start to yawn from boredom. But car chases, shootings, treasure hunt and contact with the mysterious wild tribes — here this is Aquarius interesting. And Morgan — well, them, actually, over time all by itself somehow solved. And it was decided that the most interesting. Because the adventures of Aquarians always end well, so they are arranged.

FISH — Margarita “the Master and Margarita”

Fish are never deprived of male attention, but it is totally unappreciated. Bulgakov’s Margarita, as we remember, very successfully married, despite the fact that her husband did not like at all: in fact, the suitors of Fish still in love whether they Fish — they’re ready to throw himself at her feet, luxury mansions, wads of money, but at least the hell — if only Fish allowed them to be around. And to give the Fish a fatal passion, and always to that Master: the beggar is a genius — an ideal option for Fish. It is because for the sake of this love have to become a witch. Well, it will have the opportunity to discover their true selves, Yes.

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