What you need to do to sleep

Что нужно делать, чтобы высыпаться

Common cause of sleep deprivation, according to the results of the research Center for control and prevention of diseases becomes the “focus on the important things”.

Что нужно делать, чтобы высыпаться

If you are preparing to sleep, and the monitor is still powered on, the probability that it will be possible to have a rest normally, is reduced. The reason for this is the midnight mailing, surfing the web and streaming video.

According to experts, the screens of smartphones, tablets and computers emit waves of light that are long enough to give the brain signals of revival.

Sleep is not only time to repair damaged and worn-out cells and tissues, but also the opportunity to recharge the biological batteries — the brain and other body systems. And during sleep we process the day’s experiences, emotions and memories.

How much you need to sleep

What happens when you push a dream on the back burner? And what, actually, time is needed to devote to this process?

The American Academy of medicine and the society for the study of sleep came to the conclusion that despite the fact that the need for sleep parameter of the individual, most adults avoid problems you need to devote to sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Deprived of the necessary portion of sleep, during the day people suffer from drowsiness and irritability. According to the study “sleep disturbance and insomnia: Unsolved problems of mankind,” about 70 million Americans suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep, not getting physical and emotional rest, which ensures a good night’s sleep.
If a person is sleep deprived over a long period, his immune system weakens, and your risk increases.

The national sleep Foundation conducted a study, the results of which claim that one in five adult spends on average sleep less than six hours a day.

In the past two decades technologist Kevin ASP is studying the effects and side effects of lack of sleep. He argues that our health rests on three pillars: diet, exercise and sleep.

The link between sleep deprivation and accidents becomes more and more obvious. Only in United States each year, driving half-asleep causes approximately 1 million crashes, 500 injuries and 8 thousand deaths.

Richard Rosenberg, who has been studying the problems of insomnia, says sleep less to do more is a mistake that leads to a decline in health, “Thomas Edison, who was a well known fact that he slept little at night, actually made a “quiet hours” throughout the day.
If at the time that he spent on a night’s sleep, add, watch him NAP, it turns out that he spent on sleep as much as others.”

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