What you need to keep in the trunk of a car

Any driver will call the 3 necessary things that must be present in the trunk.

Що необхідно мати в багажнику авто

How long have you been doing on the things that are in your trunk? Even if you often look down there, probably not always cleaned up. Day after day the trunk turns into a warehouse of useless things. But once on the road an unexpected situation or accident, the necessary elements may not be. In this regard, it should conduct an audit of existing things in the trunk and leave only the most necessary. What might be useful to you in the road?

The most necessary

Any driver will call the 3 necessary things that must be present in the trunk, informs Rus.Media.

Що необхідно мати в багажнику авто

A first aid kit. On the road it is necessary and can save you from the serious consequences of an unexpected injury. In 2010, requirements for contents of first aid kits has been changed. Instead of drugs, the focus was on means to stop the bleeding (bandages, tourniquets, adhesive tape, etc.) and intensive care (respirator). If necessary, the driver can put other medicines on the discretion.

Spare wheel. Since the puncture of the tire or disk corruption on the road is not uncommon, a spare never hurts. In addition to the wheels, if you have to replace, you need a wheel wrench and Jack. When replacing the wheels you may need wheel shoes, which prevent movement of the car.

A fire extinguisher. In a sudden flash of fire extinguisher needed in the first place. Don’t skimp on it: buy quality and expensive, which will serve not just attribute, and real protection in dangerous situations.

Keep the product better, not in the trunk and in the cabin. If a disaster happens, think if you have time to get out of the car and open the trunk? Probably not, so now there are special fasteners for fire extinguishers in the car under the seats and on the door.

Що необхідно мати в багажнику авто

The right tools

An experienced driver will take with me the following tools:

Candle key. Definitely need, if the road will have to replace the spark plugs. Don’t forget to pack and extra set of plugs to buy them on the track anywhere else.

A set of keys. Emergency repairs even the most insignificant, will require keys of different dimensions.

Bring as carob and ring spanners, because you don’t know, what can you expect on the way.

Hammer, pliers, screwdriver set. All this is necessary for emergency repairs. Even if you are not versed in the repair of vehicles, the driver of the other car who responded to the help, will be able to use your tools.

Pressure gauge and car pump. A pressure gauge is needed to monitor the tire pressure. If you notice that the pressure starts to fall, urgently disappoint. At your discretion you can purchase a hand, foot or electric pumps.

Rope for towing. Often there are situations when you have to pull out his “brother” from the pit or drift. In this regard, the main requirement imposed to the cable, is strength. It needs to withstand at least 10 t

Що необхідно мати в багажнику авто

Brush-scraper. If you are traveling by car in the winter, you will certainly encounter ice on slow and the body. This problem is not only appearance, but also security, because the ice on the glass limits the driver’s view.

The wires for the “booster” engine. If the battery is stalled, it can be charged using the so-called “crocodiles”. But it should be done carefully so as not to damage the electrics of the car.

What else do you need on the road

There are a number of things that must be in the trunk:

Flashlight and reflective vest. If the car stalls on the road at night, and will have to repair, for the convenience and security you need to be vest with reflective elements and bright flashlight.

A can of gasoline, a bottle of distilled water. On the road infrequently, but sometimes there are situations when you have to change the fluid and topped up the fuel.

Що необхідно мати в багажнику авто

Take care of the presence in the trunk of the mentioned elements if you like to travel long distances. Wipes, disposable gloves and other hygiene products. They will help to avoid dirty hands and smudges on the clothes during the repair.

Folding shovel. She will need you during winter travel if you suddenly have to dig out of snow drifts.

A set of warm clothes. If you will need a long time to wait for help on the road in the winter, extra clothes will come in handy.

A list of needed items in the trunk of each driver may continue at its discretion. These things will allow you to keep moving and get out of the worst situation.