What you never knew about the Zodiac signs

То, чего вы никогда не знали о знаках Зодиака

If you know the features of your zodiac sign, then it is easy to blame the birth date in his own stubbornness, passivity or laziness. Their actions also always easily be attributed to astrology.

However, what if you are extraordinary, and absolutely different. It turns out that each sign there are hidden features that can occur in certain circumstances.

What you never knew about the different signs of the zodiac?

1. Aries

Aries is courageous, confident and competitive people. But even with such strong traits, Aries, surprisingly, can also be from time to time very secretive. His determination to be the first ever RAM is not established, though such pressure often Angers and annoys others. And Aries, however, many prefer not to rant.

2. Taurus

Taurus can be very caring and tender, although the sign known for its stubbornness and selfishness. Such humane traits really surprise you, but take care it can genuinely and sincerely, and even more than you can imagine. If you are depressed, Taurus as no one is able to calm and comfort them.

3. Gemini

The twins are always ready to chat and have fun, they are literally born for this. But don’t worry if you notice a calm and soothing the Twins. They may well periodically be introverts. This happens when the Twins find themselves in a completely new environment, but their period of restraint will not last long.

4. Cancer

Cancer is defined by its sensitivity and sentimentality, and his gentleness, kindness and domacnosti impossible not to admire. This sign is gentle and caring, but don’t let those terms mislead you. Cancer – nature strong willed, and, when necessary, it will firmly and unbending stand on his own.

5. Leo

It’s hard to believe, but the proud Leo actually can be very unstable and restless. To wear the title of a born leader – mission responsible, and Leo hates to fail or disappoint. This means that it has a lot of pressure on himself to succeed, but such efforts are not in vain for the nervous system. But you don’t know, because lion hides your weaknesses.

6. Virgin

Strict and meticulous Virgo can be unexpectedly generous. Yes, she is constantly trying to improve itself, paying attention to the small details, methodically analyzing and over-criticizing yourself. But she will not hesitate to drop everything and come running to help if necessary, and will also pay available to those in need. A friend always great to have.

7. Libra

Libra absolutely can not long remain single, it is vital to be surrounded by outgoing and positive people such as yourself Libra. That’s why it amazing to learn that the Scales are actually very shy! But don’t take this trait for weakness, because Libra is a person quite solid and strong.

8. Scorpio

If you think Scorpion is aggressive and unpleasant person, then you are mistaken. For his boldness and energy hiding attentiveness and discretion. Scorpio is a true friend, and he is able to do a lot for people close to him.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius – the person is curious, optimistic and motivated, but this sign is inherent and nervousness that sounds very surprising. However, remember that one of its drawbacks is that Sagittarius often promises more than it can do. Given that he never wants to disappoint anyone, this makes him pretty nervous.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn likes the practicality and takes things very seriously. Sometimes he even looks like a know-it-all, but don’t be surprised that Capricorns also tend to falter and not to know something. They, too, are moments when things are completely out of control and the goals become vague and indistinct.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius does not like to Express their emotions publicly, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have them! Aquarius really crowded inner feelings and can be quite emotional. However, don’t expect to see that side of him, Aquarius is very good at hiding it.

12. Fish

Pisces are known to be some of the best friends – they are so compassionate and caring. But their unexpected feature may be the brutality with the best of intentions. Yes, Fish are able to be blunt and edgy. They will give you what you want to hear. Fish know that it will help in the long run and it is the best thing they can do for you.

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