What you plan to do for the next three years?

А что вы планируете сделать за ближайшие три года?

What you plan to do for the next three years? [question of the day]
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The government has shared the forecasts of the country’s economic development to 2021. In this regard our question.

Valeria MIKULSKI, author and host of the project “Ukraine vraga” on “inter”:

– The past three years I have spent to see the country and show it to people. A new three-year want to dedicate to family and personal development. It will be in tour on the most impressive relatives. Will learn couple of foreign languages. And start a new big project, definitely useful and positive charging.

Julia GOMBOS-LAVRINENKO, bodybuilder, Kiev:

– In my plans – to win the world championship on bodybuilding in his weight class.

Ruslan KOTENKO, marketer, Lviv:

– To develop the economy in their little family. If that doesn’t work, you will do as our politicians – give up on everything by hand and drove off to the Islands. But seriously – in those three years plan to move in the direction of obtaining citizenship of another country. ‘ve been doing this for several years.

Vitaly LUN, welder, Zaporozhye:

– To marry off the older daughter to finish the house for Tiffany, and went with her. If there’s money to buy a gun and finally to go hunting, the dream of the last 10 years.

Svetlana PRIKHODKO, accountant, Dnipro:

– We have a family of women to 45 years to master the production of cakes and Goodies with the test. I have three more years there, to comprehend this science. And going to learn Italian.

Marina NIKULINA, the seller, Kharkov:

– I absolutely do not know how to build such long-term plans. Once bought a young man a ticket to the vacation in advance, but by the time we had to go, we broke up, and the sea, enjoyed in splendid isolation. I guess I’m just one of those who lives for today, and thank God.

Oleg PROMINENT, entrepreneur, Kiev:

The son completes his studies at the University, already thinking about where to start working.

Ruslan TSIHOTSKY, athlete, Kiev:

– Now trained in America. Really want to compete at the next summer Olympics.

Alexander, the reader of kp.ua:

– Want to master 2-3 working field and give up to work overseas.

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