What you should know if your child has cold feet

It is almost always associated with blood circulation.

Що варто знати, якщо у дитини холодні ноги

If your child’s feet are always cold – don’t be afraid. You have nothing to worry about, informs UkrMedia.

Children are still developing their circulatory system is not fully formed. Therefore, their feet and hands can often be cold.

The blood most quickly comes to the vital organs and systems. But the hands and feet are the last body parts that receive good blood supply.

In addition, a newborn takes about 3 months to fully adjust to the world. If the baby’s body warm – you don’t need to worry.

If the child’s legs are blue – check does something circulation.

Also if the child turned blue or very cold face, the lips, the chest is a signal of heart problems and need immediately consult a doctor.

If child’s feet are always cold, try to wear socks. The child soon grows up, starts to move more, improves blood circulation, and you will not need to worry.