What Zodiac signs do not understand people

Promiscuity is a lack of rigor and objectivity in the selection.

Які зі знаків Зодіаку погано розбираються в людях

But sometimes it is useful to check what seems good and to look closer at what seems to be bad. In this review, we have selected some of the signs of the Zodiac, which are more likely to make a mistake in choosing friends and partners. Like other negative qualities, promiscuity occurs when the sign of the Zodiac is low, indicating that his “Narekatsi” in the horoscope.


While Cancer will learn to be friends with your intuition, and will not cease to be mistrustful, it can make a lot of mistakes. Namely, to miss the right people and not be fascinated by those. Cancer thinks a lot about relationships, fixes its attention on how it is treated. It is naive in the perception of people. It is easy enough to win, showing warmth, weakness, and sincerity, but also just to push rigor and assertiveness – even when they are manifested to the site. Cancer sensitive to the subtleties of communication: intonation, gestures, gaze, and because of this can sometimes come to erroneous conclusions about people, informs Rus.Media.


Tend to make conclusions based on emotional impulses. The positive situation they can be considered negative, based on their inner feelings, which are often not easy to explain. And painful situation Fish can “to finish” in the imagination to the positive. The same can be towards people. Upright Fish may not recognize the trick, weakness, depravity. Having sympathy for the person, they tend to justify it even in the critical cases, and assume that everything is in order. For example, Fish may not realize that their surroundings pulls them to the bottom.


In evaluating other Aries can be wrong as often based on your first impression. Often, he doesn’t want to look at the context, to delve into the cause of a phenomenon and even more waiting to see “what else there is”. If a RAM like – like, if not – he does not waste time and immediately rejects. Sometimes it helps him not to “get bogged down” in unclear situations and relationships. But sometimes because of this, Aries may miss or lose the right person, you just didn’t see the first time, and to buy into someone’s bright strong interesting flow.


Like Cancer, the lion, the inherent qualities of the child. Its fairly easy to win, especially if you say lion its importance and indispensability. This may be a “serednjachkov” a dead-end job where the Lion was lured with stories of prestige and a great mission, and any other field – if the lion allowed himself to be deceived.

It is important, as it is evaluated by others, and sometimes for the sake of the image of the lion can go wherever he wants, and where “cool.”

For example, you may be friends with the “creative elite”, which he is really uncomfortable and boring. Or to bind himself to the relationship with the popular beautiful person will be unhappy.


Very attentive to detail. This is both good and bad. But in the context of human relationships, where there is to be objective and tolerant, the virgin can jump to conclusions based on some details that seem relevant to him personally. In some cases, because of this, it looks very picky. But time, paying attention to the details that really are not important, the virgin makes the choice without a shared view. For example, it may be selected partners of the person who meets the ideals of the virgin in terms of appearance and habits of the past, but it has a completely divergent values and views.