What’s Donetsk is different from Ukraine and why would more and more influence on it

Чем Донецк отличается от Украины и почему будет все больше влиять на нее

On the last Sunday of August, the Donbass traditionally celebrates the miner’s Day and city Day of Donetsk. This year the capital of mining region celebrated the anniversary of 150 years from the date of Foundation. Holiday weekend coincided with the independence Day of Ukraine — August 24. RuBaltic.Ru congratulates the residents of Donbass with the recent holidays, recalls the story of the Donetsk and comes to the conclusion that the miner’s capital will increasingly affect Ukraine.

Donetsk is the factories, mines and people of Donbass

The formation of Donetsk began in the second half of the nineteenth century. In 1869, the Englishman John Hughes began construction of a metallurgical plant, next to which was formed a working village Yuzivka and opened several mines. In 1917, the settlement was granted city status. By the time it was built several metallurgical and chemical plants.

In 1924 the town was renamed in Stalino. In the city and nearby settlements worked for 19 mines.During the great Patriotic war, the population of Stalino was reduced from 500 to 175 thousand people. The occupation lasted more than 700 days and ended with the liberation of the city in September 1943.

In the second half of the twentieth century, the Donetsk gained its current name, and the city population exceeded 1 million people.Under the Soviet regime Donetsk was not only industrial, but also scientific-research centre with plenty of high-tech industries, including space industry.

Even before the events of 2014, the residents of Donbass jokingly called Donetsk “the real capital” of Ukraine. And that attitude was not unfounded. Since the mid-90s, Ukraine was the birthplace of the most influential people in the country, among them the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, politician and businessman Yevhen Shcherban, Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych and others.

Inflexible and important for Ukraine

In the spring and summer of 2014, Donetsk was discussed by all world media. The city acquired the status of the capital of the self-proclaimed state. Donbass, opposing the Central authorities of Ukraine, plunged into civil war.

One Donetsk region until 2014 accounted for 20% of industrial production in Ukraine has been a source of export earnings and substantial incomes to the state budget.Few Ukrainian cities have such a rich history, rich heritage and importance for the Ukrainian state and economy, as Donetsk. It is no coincidence that the Donetsk attracted the attention of the Ukrainian media.

Under the regime of Poroshenko the city and citizens in every possible way tried to discredit and silence the reality of the situation in the capital of the breakaway Republic in Eastern Ukraine.But to strangle Donetsk failed. The city is still a bone in the throat of Ukrainian nationalists and politicians-Russophobes. And here’s why.

Donetsk freedom-loving spirit and military-political experience ofDonetsk and Lugansk — the two major Ukrainian cities, which have experienced modern warfare and found it a real autonomy. In the spring of 2014 the residents of Donbass and traditional leaders organized in the region a referendum in defiance of the Central Ukrainian authorities.

For the love of freedom and the support of Russia in 2014-2015, the population of Donetsk and Lugansk was subjected to massive shelling by the Ukrainian army and the socio-economic blockade. Other regional centers of Ukraine know about the civil war only by hearsay and from the media.

Over the past five years in the breakaway DND and LNR were formed independent Ukraine local civic institutions: the city and regional administration, military structure, police, post office, mobile communication, organizations, and the like.

Adverse conditions tempered the residents of Donbass, increased their mobility and engagement in the political life of state and society.

Donetsk love for Russian language and culture

Donetsk became the center of Russian in Ukraine. For five years in the Donbass was curtailed program of Ukrainization. Schools and educational institutions completely switched to Russian language and was integrated into the Russian education system. Donetsk and Lugansk Russian students pass the exam and enter Russian universities.

While in Ukraine the monuments of all things Russian and Soviet ruin, in Donetsk, on the 150th anniversary of the city, a monument to A. S. Pushkin.The sculpture was printed on a 3D printer. As a sample he took of a statue set in Moscow.

In cable networks the DNI and LC broadcast freely Russian TV channels. Spring in the major cities of Donbass held an international action Total dictation, aimed at the preservation and development of Russian language.

Donetsk activists and leaders of various areas are actively involved in the Russian agenda. They attend national and international platforms, conferences and forums held in Russia.

Donetsk consistently low prices for life

In the five years of war and economic blockade life in Donetsk were not significantly more expensive, especially in comparison with the situation in the territories controlled Kiev. The journey in city electrotransport of Donetsk is only 3 rubles, in Kiev is 8 UAH (21%).

This winter 2-room apartment in the capital of Donbass at a cost of 1.5 thousand rubles, in the Ukrainian capital is 4-5 times more expensive, about 5-7 thousand rubles.The price of food and consumer goods in Donetsk not too different from Ukrainian, but the services are much cheaper than in Russia. And in all fields of hairdressing and taxi to the subscriptions to sports clubs and dental treatment, for example.Donetsk due respect to the heroism of veterans and the great Victory

Donetsk — the Ukrainian city where you can freely celebrate the Day of Victory in the great Patriotic war. Annually on the main street of the city is many thousands March of the Immortal regiment.

8 September in the breakaway DNI and LC scale celebrate the Day of liberation of Donbass from Nazi invaders.

In Donetsk, no one dares to break from veterans and children of the ribbons, the Soviet order, and icons.In the memorable date of the Victory Banner can be seen in different parts of the city, including on administrative buildings. And it’s not punishable by law and neo-Nazi organizations.

Donetsk influence in Ukraine will grow

Despite the tragic events of recent years, Donetsk remains an important socio-political and economic element in the Ukraine.The beginning of a new political cycle in Ukraine and the warming in relations between Russia and the West open to the city and all the Donbas a great opportunity. The region could become the first truly Autonomous subject of the new Ukraine. So, after many years, to directly influence and set the vector of development of the country.
Oleg Filin

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