What’s the harm and benefits of sushi and rolls

В чем вред и польза суши и роллов

The same meals can be useful and harmful

They learned how Japanese delicacies affect the human body. The subject matter specialists of steel dishes that use rice, nori seaweed and raw fish seasoned with wasabi and soy sauce. It turned out that the same dishes can be useful and harmful – it all depends on the ingredients and amounts of consumption.

The rolls and sushi contain acids saturated fats. They have a beneficial effect on blood vessels, normalize the body weight and stabilize the heart muscle. Fig supplies the body with fiber and protein, but if you do not comply with the measure in its consumption, it is possible to overload the body with carbohydrates, which will result in excess weight.

The main ingredient of these delicacies is fish. It contains phosphorus, which stimulates the brain, but there are pitfalls. If you eat it raw, along the way you can use the microbes or to get hold of parasites, in particular worms. Tuna, for example, is known for its ability to accumulate mercury vapor, which, together with fish eating fan of this delicacy. Iodine, contained in seaweed, also has a beneficial effect on the body, but with abundant eating sushi can accumulate to harmful excess.

Wasabi can have moderate doses to help destroy cancer cells, but its excess provokes arthritis, due to the contained salts.

Thus, experts have found out what harm and benefits of sushi and rolls, and came to the conclusion that they are useful in moderation.


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