What’s wrong with the list of “Heavenly hundred”?

There included dozens of people whose death is not related shootings on the Maidan in February 2014

Что не так со списком "Небесной сотни"?

What is the “Heavenly hundred”? These are victims of the Maidan. How do we define who is a party to list “hundreds”? On the decree of President Poroshenko: 105 of hero of Ukraine (posthumously) and 2 of Chevalier of the order of the Heavenly hundred (posthumously).

According to the official, more than 80% of the victims of the “Heavenly hundred” died from gunshot wounds. The lion’s share of got them on 20 February on the Maidan.

Using open and personal sources, I have studied the causes of death of members of the “Heavenly hundred.” And offer your analysis to you. Read and think: who and why formed this list, what were the inclusion criteria, for handing out the title “Hero of Ukraine” and its associated social benefits and can, in principle, be investigated the circumstances of the death of these people.

Three main issues are obvious:

1. How was it possible to investigate criminal cases of killed protesters in isolation from similar killings of law enforcement officers, if they were made in one period, in the same place and the same way gunshot wounds. After firing both sides of the conflict.

2. Who was the beneficiary of these murders? Who is still profitable, so we do not know the truth about the killers?

3. Why unsolved murders of “hundreds of Heaven” became the object of political manipulation and instead to be investigated was clearly mythologized?




1. OLGA BURA. Died March 10, 2014, from the injection of lidocaine, introduced by the doctor of the Maidan. The reason – an Allergy to the drug. Tried to recover from purulent infection of the finger. Suffered from brain damage. Could not read and write, did not speak. On independence worked in the kitchen. The Hero Of Ukraine.***

2. SERGEY DIDYCH. Killed Maidan activist Leonid Bibikom that 18.02.2014 in the Castle lane Kiev crushed to death of Sergei Didych truck.

The judge of Pechersky district court of shaputka freed from the responsibility of Leonid Bibik, despite the fact that Didych fully admitted his guilt, but the law on Amnesty of independence, he was released from criminal liability. This case, when the result of the actions of the Maidan died the same Milanovic. Sergey Didych – Hero Of Ukraine.


3. JACOB ZAYKO. The demonstrators at Instytutska street on February 18. An old man. Died of a heart attack in the subway. The Hero Of Ukraine.


4. ANTONINA DVORIANETS. Demonstrator at Instytutska street on February 18. Hit the crush in the metro area “Khreshchatyk”, died of heart failure. The Hero Of Ukraine.


5. ZURAB KHURTSIA. The demonstrators at Instytutska street on February 18, 2014. Hit the crush in the metro area “Khreshchatyk”, died of heart failure. The Hero Of Ukraine.


6. SINENKO SERGEY. According to the journalist Butusov – burned in the car in the Zaporozhye region on February 13. The version of political murder is not confirmed, the official version – suicide. The Hero Of Ukraine.


7. CEPON ANDREW. Found dead on 21 February on the outskirts of Kiev on the street Verbalizes with traces of severe beating and traumatic brain injury, incompatible with life. His participation in protests is not verified. He was buried in his native village of Kozhukhivka. The Hero Of Ukraine.


8. VYACHESLAV CROW. Killed in Kyiv on 9 March as a result of a drunken conflict in an Internet cafe on the Ave Mayakovsky, 95 troyeschina, the murderer arrested, convicted, serving a sentence. The Hero Of Ukraine.


9. VICTOR CHERNETS. On the Maidan in Kiev was not. Shot to death by a vehicle while blocking a highway near the village of Maidan protesters Podibna Cherkasy region on February 19. Hit him with an unknown “jeep”, which, according to one version, was paving the way to internal troops, and on the second – to aunts. The Hero Of Ukraine.


10. IVAN GORODNIK. According to one version, while participating in the protest were doused from the water jet, got pneumonia, died 19 ! February 2014. home.

At the second frostbite of the lower extremity, appealed to the local district hospital, received only the direction on the x-ray. Because of ill health was unable to get out of the house and died on 19 and 20 February 2014. The Hero Of Ukraine.


11. MAXIM GOROCHICHI. According to one version, while participating in the protests, fell ill with severe pneumonia, died on February 19.

In the second version, he was poisoned with harmful gases burning tires. Health Voroshilina gradually deteriorated and on 31 January, after a long period of illness, he was admitted to Kyiv city hospital No. 17 with the diagnosis “an Acute pneumonia”. The disease progressed, the treatment did not help, and a month later on 19 February 2014 Maxim died. The date of death and illness are different: there is a version that he February 19 poisoned, 20 February 2014 died. On February 23 he was buried in his native village. The Hero Of Ukraine.


12. VLADIMIR NAUMOV. His body found on Trukhaniv island in Kiev, February 18, original version – suicide. According to another version, he fell in the morning 18.02. with the pedestrian bridge. There is also a version that on Trukhanov island, he was strangled. On 14 February he went to Kiev and already 18, they found his body. The Hero Of Ukraine.***

13. VICTOR PROKHORCHUK. Went missing on February 18. The body of the deceased was discovered in the courtyard of the Khreschatyk, where it was ejected with traces of violent death and with her throat cut. Witnesses of his actions on the Maidan on 18 February no witnesses no death. The Hero Of Ukraine.


14. DAVID KIPIANI. 20 Feb 2014 he was found unconscious in the underpass in the capital. He died in the ambulance from cardiac arrest. The Hero Of Ukraine.


15. PETER GAJAH. Cause of death – lung disease. Almost a month recovering from burns bronchi and lungs. A few days before his death left the hospital, was going to go to the Afghan on the front, but Mar 22, 2014 died. The Hero Of Ukraine.


16. BASIL SHEREMET. He could not stand the heart. Died March 4 in a Kiev hospital, in another version of Heart of Vasyl Sheremeta stopped beating not the 4th, and on March 7, 2014. The Hero Of Ukraine.


17. VICTOR HAMSTER. 27 Jan 2014 he was discovered hanging at the Independence square. The official version – committed suicide on 27 January on the Maidan. Residents of the tent city shrug: nobody knew of Victor and hinted that, well, we still have to figure out whether at all he participated in the protest, or got independence by accident. The Hero Of Ukraine.


18. BOGDAN KALINYAK. Died 28 Jan (!) 2014 because of pneumonia and heart failure. The Hero Of Ukraine.


19. ALEXANDER BADER. Died 28 January 2014. The cause of death was heart failure. The doctors found no signs of hypothermia, which could indicate a version of the death from cold water from the water jet. Was self-medicating. In the hospital principle did not apply. The Hero Of Ukraine.


20. MAZURENKO PAUL. He died on 22 December 2013 in Kiev as a result of bilateral pneumonia. No data on participation in the protests at the moment. He protests did not participate. Dec 18, 2013 walking home, near the shopping center “Square” was beaten. According to one version, he was beaten by police officers who confused it with the participants of the Maidan. In the second version, was beaten by security guards of the shopping center “Square” for theft. The Hero Of Ukraine.


21. TARAS SLOBODIAN. The exact date of death unknown. According to one version, some time in December of 2013, left home in the fall of 2013 made several suicide attempts, had his residence, living in the dump.In the second version, his body was found in a forest in Sumy region with signs of torture and without a hand. In the third version, he died from loss of blood as a result of the explosion. The exact date of death. Alleged – December 2013. The Hero Of Ukraine.


22. KOSTYSHIN MICHAEL. According to the journalist Butusov, he was admitted to hospital on 27 January 2014 the bus Kiev-Ivano-Frankivsk, with severe injuries to internal organs, causes of injury, refused to tell. During his stay in the hospital the details of the incident did not disclose, even after the 20th of February. Evidence of his participation in the protests there. Died 26 Feb.

In the second version, he was on the Maidan and was severely beaten. 27 January 2014 was the Communal city clinical hospital of Lviv, where he died. The Hero Of Ukraine.


23. PORYGON ALEXANDER. He died February 22, on the outskirts of Kiev as a result of traumatic brain injury. Witnesses of death no part in the actions of the Maidan is not confirmed. The Hero Of Ukraine.


24. ERMAKOV IGOR. Died February 25, from Boyarka Kiev region. His connection with participation in the protests was not detected. The Hero Of Ukraine.



Dmitry Cherniavsky. Volodymyr Rybak. Yuri Amendment. Basil Sergienko. All of them recognized as Heroes of Ukraine posthumously. These people really died. Died in Korsun ‘ -Shevchenko district, Cherkasy region, Slavyansk, Gorlovka and Donetsk. Why did they become members of the “Heavenly hundred” is not clear. Needed a list of victims longer? Bigger?


1. DMITRY MAKSIMOV. The official version – minno-an explosive trauma as a result of assault by police officers the House of trade unions on the Maidan on February 19.

The situation with the death of Dmitry is not clear. He was a young man, deaf, successful judoka. His mother said the following: “worst of all, I don’t know under what circumstances my son died. After the funeral, I specifically went to the square, asking people, showing Dimino photo. The commandant of the Maidan Andriy paruby said that he often saw Dima on the barricades. …On the Maidan, told me that the doctors revived Dima for 20 minutes. But could not save. When the House of trade unions caught fire, her son’s body was moved to St Michael’s Cathedral. I interviewed hundreds of people, but was unable to locate those who were with my son on the night of 19 February and saw what happened.”

2. YURI VERBITSKY. His body was found on January 22 in a forest belt near the village Gnidyn Borispolskaja district. Yuri froze and died after torture.

3. ARTEM MAZUR. Fatal head injury (possibly killed by a grenade).

4. ANDREW KORCZAK. The fatal injury.

5. IVAN NAKONECHNY. Died in one of the Kyiv hospitals from wounds received during clashes.

6. ANATOLIY NECHYPORENKO. Closed cherepno-a brain trauma and a depressed skull fracture

7. ALEXANDER LITINSKY. The official version – shot and burned alive in the trade unions Building on the Maidan on February 19. Once he was buried as unknown at Askold’s grave in Kiev. Identified by DNA only in July 2014. A very strange story.

8. VLADIMIR TOPI. Burned the House of trade unions on the Maidan on February 19. The circumstances leading to death, is not known.

They are recognized posthumously hero of Ukraine. How their deaths are connected with the protests and the actions of the authorities, not the protesters or other persons, I do not know. Too little information.

The FOURTH GROUP is dead from gunshot wounds. This is the largest group of victims at 69. Here are their names:

Sergey Nigoyan. Mikhail Zhiznevsky. Roman Senyk. Volodymyr Kischuk. Igor Serdyuk. Sergei Shapoval. Alexander Plekhanov. Vladimir Boykiv. Sergey Bondarev. Valery Brendanoc. Alexander Kapinos. Vladimir Kulchitsky. Victor Orlenko. Basil Pohorsky. Yuri Sydorchuk. Andrei Chernenko. Viktor Shvets. Yuri Pashaly. Vitaliy Vasiltsov. Lyudmila Sheremet. Dmitry Pager. Georgi Harutyunyan. Alexander Baluk. Vaida Bogdan. Maxim Shimko. Solchanyk Bogdan. Saenco Andrei. Vitaliy Kotsyuba. Bratushka Alex. Bogdan Ilkiv. Pachinko Igor. Aksinin Basil. Moses Basil. Tarasyuk Ivan. Ihor Dmitriv. Migdalovitz Andrew. Badowski Sergei. Block Ivan. Voytovych Nazar. Andrei Movchan. Kem Sergei. Zavolsky Nicholas. Valery Opanasyuk. Anatoly Korneev. Kostenko Igor. Bondarchuk, Sergei. Shcherbaniuk Alexander. Grinevich Edward. Ealovega Anatoly. Usavich Oleg. Geresni Vladimir. The Varenitsa Novel. Tocin Novel.Yuriy Parashchuk. Tkachuk Igor. Vladislav Zubenko. Golodnyuk Ustym. Ivan Panteleev. Gurik Novel. Kotlyar Eugene. Mykola Pankiv. Tsarok Alexander. Chaplinskiy Vladimir. The Victor Chmilenko. Shilling Joseph. Leonid Polyanskiy. Khrapchenko Alexander. Vitaly Smolensky. Melnychuk Volodymyr.

All of them recognized as Heroes of Ukraine posthumously.

But who killed them? The answer is no. But there is official information that the staff of the special company of the Berkut were armed with Kalashnikov modernized (caliber 7. 62×39).

The expert said that there really are dead from the bullets of this caliber. BUT this caliber had hunting rifles that were in service with the protesters. The arms were at both sides of the conflict. You know what I mean? The truth can be very scary.

Cartridge 7. 62×39 is still one of the most popular and common cartridges in the world. From 7. 62×39 caliber were killed, according to my information, 13 protesting:

Tarasyuk Ivan. Zavolsky Nicholas. Alexander Kotlyarevsky. Badowski Sergei. Leonid Polyanskiy. Ihor Dmitriv. Solchanyk Bogdan. Kem Sergei. Bogdan Ilkiv. Anatoly Galapago. Anatoly Korneev. The Varenitsa Novel. Mykola Pankiv.


In addition, people died from the CALIBER 7,62×51 – currently, this caliber is widely used in the sniper and civilian weapons. But sniper rifles on the arms of specrate “Berkut” did NOT. Rifles were in special units of internal troops “omega” and “alpha”. Suspicion of involvement in the shooting were put forward only one employee, “omega”, but it is free, so there were huge doubts at experts – ballista. This caliber killed two people: Victor chmilenko and Black Ivan.***

Injured protesters from CALIBER 9×18 (Makarov pistol) that specrate “Berkut” was not armed. From this caliber, in particular, killed Oleg Ushkevich.


People died from the caliber 7,64х54 is sniper rifles, which were not of a specialcompany “Golden eagle”. This caliber killed Ivan Panteleev and was wounded immortal Vitaly.


There are those who have been wounded by BUCKSHOT AND BUCKSHOT and to establish who were the guns, buckshot and buckshot is impossible. So three people died: Naida Bogdan, Baluk Alexander Harutyunyan and George were injured Pavel Drozdyuk, zastavne Igor, hrabovetsky, Yaroslav Gerasimov Alexander, Slivka Yuri. There is also a lot of photos and videos of hunting rifles at protesters and firing of them. Remember that famous: “do Not shoot in our back?” Don’t forget.


So many dead and wounded – THROUGH wounds. And it does not allow to set the type and the type of weapon that caused the deaths of 23 protesters. I do not see how we can investigate these murders, but most of them were.

Exit wounds died: Golodnyuk Ustim. Tkachuk Igor. Vitaliy Kotsyuba. Yuriy Parashchuk. Maxim Shimko. Andrei Movchan. Valery Opanasyuk. Shcherbaniuk Alexander. Bratushka Alex. Grebnoy Vladimir. Migdalovitz Andrew. Kinglet Alexander. Chaplinskiy Vladimir. Vladislav Zubenko. Nazar Voytovych. Pachinko Igor. Roman Tochin. Igor Kostenko. Joseph Shilling. Roman Gurik. Yevgeny Kotlyar. Melnychuk Volodymyr. Grinevich Edward.

Cross-cutting was wounded Kharchuk Boris (he believes that he was shot from hotel “Ukraine”).


There is absolutely mysterious death. Such as the death of SERHIY NIGOYAN. On the body of Serhiy Nigoyan, was found with bullet wounds to the head and torso. It fired a charge of buckshot – shot in the head and twice in the chest, damaging the lung and heart. Initially, the specialists claimed to have shot him from the back from a distance of three to five meters. Later, the experts and investigators has changed and was charged by police.


The death of MIKHAIL ZHYZNEUSKI also raises many questions. How to set the initial examination, Zhiznevsky’s death was caused by gunshot wounds to the chest. In this case, the direction of the wound channel said that a shot at Michael’s were made from left to right and from top to bottom. This would have been possible if the fire was coming from the top, or if the person is bent over. Looks like they fired their.


ROMAN SENIK, was killed by a bullet Blondeau. Penetration of bullets is huge enough to damage blocks automotor. Someone from the police could shoot bullets Blondeau and whether they have them? Why are the police bullet of Blondeau, which is used in hotprice when shooting large ungulates in the forest? More questions than answers.


To collect such information wasn’t for me. Not just mentally and physically. I do not insist on its absolute accuracy and allow for errors that happen when collecting information bit by bit. For complete objectivity necessary materials of all criminal cases and a thorough analysis of all chemistry gorbatikov. I decided to publish what became known to me due to the great public importance of this issue. The findings will not do. You can handle yourself. Condolences to the families, relatives of those killed in those terrible days. And protect public order, and believing in freedom and dignity.

Not the myths about independence and fair investigation and punishment of perpetrators would be the best answer for their family, for all of us. But it was not. And you know why. Power would come out on itself.Olena Lukash

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