WhatsApp ottima temno topic vzhe days

Developers from popular instant messengers WhatsApp, Facebook scho nalezyty to roblet ostan steps before running dovgotchkun temno those in the dodatka. About TSE podomys tematyczny resource WABetaInfo.
Notification about chotoku to launch temno those WhatsApp z’yavylysya in view from the past school year. The first axis, finally, to talk about Shvidko dostupnosti for koristuvacha.

WhatsApp отримає темну тему вже на днях

Not so long ago Facebook pocas testovaci branding WhatsApp Novi s Novi logo I font. The logo can be sniti files ostannia beta vers messenger. He wykonany in two versions – for themno I STA topics. In malastrana Ter prerobeny logo at the bottom.

WhatsApp отримає темну тему вже на днях

Zgidno s more randm podolny, WhatsApp Taprobane two Waranty temnih reimb – SRO-green I mayzhe Chorny. Developers from “I pereprobovali” also “bubble” chat pictogramme the I button. TSI nevelik an Addendum SWAT about gotovnosti functions to run.

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