When and how much you need to drink coffee to bring maximum benefits to the body

Когда и сколько необходимо пить кофе, чтобы принести максимальную пользу организму

A group of scientists have developed a unique algorithm that calculates an ideal dose of coffee. Drinking must be controlled, the new technology will be the key to optimizing this process.

To drink was effective and safe, it is necessary to drink only at the right time. Scientists point to the normalized amount of coffee. Experts have created an automated algorithm that determines the efficacy of the dose. The base algorithm was the creation of a mathematical model. It predicts the influence of caffeine and lack of sleep on performance through the psychomotor vigilance test. The algorithm takes into account the schedule of sleep/wakefulness, as well as indicators of the maximum allowable for the body of norms of caffeine.

In the end, the coffee drinker gets the information about when and how much drink he needs to drink to stay active. Take into account the possibility of harm. In the future, the algorithm can be represented in the form of a mobile application for smartphones.

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