When I say “Heil!”

Когда скажут «хайль!»

© press-service of the President of Ukraine We are often quoted in Armour the role of Muller. “Somewhere instead of “Hello” say “Heil” to someone’s personal address – you know, out there waiting for us, and from there will start our great revival”And it’s no wonder the Nazis in world a lot. And “Heil” to someone’s personal address say here and there and anywhere. But in this scene were different (most important) words: “I recruited by you? In five minutes, and without any tricks.”

Lieutenant General, head of the secret service, among the tasks which, in addition to seeking internal enemies of the Reich, was also a counterintelligence caught (caught) Colonel related intelligence agencies in contacts with the enemy. And hinted he was ready to help him in his work against his country, for their own salvation and abstract future (the one where someone says “Heil”).

Real Muller was an ordinary policeman (the police were in 1919, and the political police since 1929, that is, from the time of the Weimar Republic). Moreover, the Nazis noted that he equally was ready to pursue as the left (Communists) and right (Nazis), that is just doing their duties. Even in the Nazi party he joined only in 1939 (when he headed the Gestapo). That is, the present Mueller would never say Stirlitz about the plans of the great Nazi revival. But he certainly could agree with any police intelligence about your future. The best policeman was not in the area from the Atlantic to the bug.

That is why this man, nothing special (except that he was a professional COP) in itself is not still legendary. Mueller — an example of how an ordinary professional in the field of criminal police, may, if necessary, to be the ideal chief of the political police.

Police work requires professionalism. In fact, a quality criminal police officer can not only lead, but even to create from scratch the secret service if the secret service have in mind the internal secret police (the gendarmerie, the security police). With intelligence he will have problems to work in this direction we need different people.

But if a simple police officer may lead (if not to create, as Vidocq) a secret service, it is clear that the most important (first) position in the state can take anyone. Even a clown. The Nazis promoted Mueller, as a professional, knowing full well that if the situation changes, he’s as professional as Communists and Jews, start packing in the Nazi concentration camps. Kolomoisky promoted Zelensky as a professional actor who knows how to please people. The disappointment of the Ukrainian electorate Ukrainian politicians has reached such an extent that no promises professionals could no longer attract to their side a substantial majority of voters. Opponents of Poroshenko for two or three months before the election (before the sudden take-off rating Zelensky, had the support of 15-22% of the electorate).

Zelensky believe contrary to logic, his rating is the result of emotions. Exactly the same emotional boasts cinematic Muller, “paraverbally” shtirlitsa. The desire to grab a straw, jump in the boat to leading the negotiations with the allies of Nazi bosses, forcing experienced police officer to prevent a serious mistake. It takes an enemy scout, a reserve airfield in the event of the defeat of the political intelligence officer of the Reich.

Similarly, the Ukrainian people voting for Zelensky, was grasping at straws, hoping that the non-professional politician (“simple”, “small” Ukrainians) will be honest and qualified professionals, who have brought Ukraine to the handle. Emotional decisions in politics are not correct. At least because of the emergence of emotional outburst until the moment when he begins to have a serious impact on the political landscape, takes from several months to several years. During this time professionals time to evaluate the format of this surge and to offer people the doll that people want to see.

It would seem clear to all that a politician with no experience of government service without established contacts will depend on your professional environment. The result of unelected professionals, freed from responsibility (occupying the post of assistants and advisers that they don’t make independent decisions), are able to decisively influence public policy.

Perhaps Zelensky really wanted to change something for the better. It is not excluded, he even believed that he will succeed. Anyway, he just somehow imagined the future work of the President and, apparently, to face significant difficulties not expected. He obviously shared the opinion of the majority of “ordinary people” who at all times and in all countries sincerely believe that the whole essence of public administration lies in the publication of the Ordinance or the adoption of the law, which should be written: “That all was well”. The President, according to the “ordinary people” just riding at public expense in foreign countries and free from foreign visits time resting and having fun, occasionally appointing good Ministers and dismissing the bad.

In any case, complaints Zelensky that he is tired of the presidency, which begins to broadcast even his entourage, his face and emaciated appearance indicate that much pleasure from his work, he does not receive, it seems, begins to suspect that the adventure with the game of President for him personally to end badly.

It turns out that the President is not omnipotent. It turns out that the IMF to care about a special relationship with Kolomoisky. The Fund is not willing to give money until the oligarch shapes Ukrainian politics. And without money there can not be a state. Kolomoisky still, he offers to refuse payment of a debt, defaulted. It is clear that this is blackmail of the creditors, including the IMF, to make them compliant. But saying “a” if the IMF is not afraid (and he is not afraid) have to talk and “b” actually declaring a default. And the answer for it will be the President, not Kolomoisky, who has the right to their own opinion, but does not have authority to make decisions on behalf of the state.

With the Minsk agreements, “Norman format”, gas transit — exactly the same. There seems to be an opportunity to negotiate on good terms. Powerful, powerful forces within the country do not want agreements, declare them treason, openly threatening a coup. You can, of course, to take a chance and ignore the demands of radical nationalists. But they are really much stronger than it was when Yanukovych toppled, the state is much weaker. And 73% voted for Zelensky will not take to the streets to defend him. Will watch on TV as radicals stormed the office on Bankova, but the help will not come.

Zelensky, a hero of the film “Bumbarash”, torn between red, white and bandits, not knowing whom to cling, not to kill. I do not exclude that he really thought that once you become President, will be happy people and upset the oligarchs. And Muller thought, was recruited shtirlitsa. In critical circumstances, incorrectly interpreting the available information, even a seasoned professional pierced. Zelensky’s not a professional. He basically does not understand how the mechanism of public administration, trapped by fate in his hands. If he tries to do turns out to be not the result he expects. If he tries to do nothing (to at least not getting worse), it is still getting worse.

Zelensky did not understand how the system works. Therefore, even if desired, cannot be changed. You cannot reform what you do not understand. Any similar President-the doll (and Zelensky has prepared a number of new potential “opinion leaders”) will face the same problem. Having a huge initial rating (perhaps even more than Zelensky) such person will not be able to convert it into real reform. If he tries to unleash a war against the oligarchs, it will be immediately swept away and won’t even know where made a mistake.

Ukrainian oligarchs have built a system of oligarchic Republic to protect their interests. The Ukrainian oligarchy understands how this system works, it is able to extract from it the benefices, which contains both a private service and the state apparatus. Ukrainian oligarchs can bury the system, if it decides that the content of Ukraine begins to exceed the revenue received from it (the project becomes unprofitable). Ukrainian oligarchs can reform the system, for example, dissolving the Ukrainian state five or ten a legally Autonomous, but in fact sovereign territories. If it turns out that the profitability of the project can be saved by getting rid of the Central (Kyiv) add-ins, oligarchy without problems would “decentralization”, “federalization” and even “Confederation”. The hosts Ukraine could just split it into several separate States, but there is a problem with their recognition, membership in international organizations, etc. formal “roof” called Ukraine the oligarchs are useful, but real powers can be withdrawn from the center unless the center can not force the regions to obedience by force.

Amid Zelensky even fade the last emperors of the Western Roman Empire look like titans of public administration. I think that the experience is now comparable to the feelings of a man who suddenly found himself in the cockpit of a modern fighter racing somewhere at top speed. Not knowing how to fly a plane without a parachute, people frantically trying to figure out what to do, how to escape. He is afraid to touch control knobs, so as not to accidentally drop the plane on the ground, and realizes that to grab the handle still have, otherwise the plane will crash once out of fuel. But even if he can somehow manage, where to go? Where is the airfield? And how to land the plane?

Zelensky could sympathize with. But he contracted on the job. And his inability to adequately assess the related game in the President risks is not a mitigating circumstance. Muller in his game with Stirlitz was wrong too, playing, ultimately, against themselves. Just evaluating actions of the sixth President of Ukraine, we must understand that we are dealing with a man frantically trying to escape in a situation that not only cannot control, but they are not able to adequately assess. His chaotic movements, when tomorrow, he denies himself the same yesterday, caused not by evil intentions, and reactions to external stimuli. Zelensky manages, processes run Zelensky.

However, this applies to the whole of Ukraine. That is why the next President (if it is) will be worse Zelensky, and the biggest tragedy of the Ukrainian people is the extension of the existence of this coma of quasigovernment. The more time passes from the end of Ukraine, the worse he will be. Ask Zelensky, who has already seen the future of his own sad end and was horrified.

This is the case when save the system fails even a dictatorship. There are no material and financial resources, and the deprofessionalization of not only the state apparatus, but in all spheres of life of society goes with increasing speed. Lonely, frightened, not knowing where to go, what to do and what to grab Zelensky — a reflection of the fate of the entire state. No accident that he was in demand as President. So whose personal address in Ukraine, or said “Heil”, “the great revival” will not start — there is nothing to be reborn.
Rostislav Ishchenko

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