When residents of big cities will Board on the flying taxi



In Germany successfully tested a prototype of a flying taxi. The tests took place at the airport of the city is Oberpfaffenhofen. The cabin was not passengers, the machine is controlled remotely. On the wings of the device are located the rotary electric propellers. Winged taxi can vertically take off and land. Machine with 36 electric motors weighs half a ton. 12 engines are located on the front wing and 24 on the rear. Air taxis can fly for about an hour. The maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour. To carry the winged taxi maybe five people or up to 400 pounds of cargo. 2025 air taxi will fly on a commercial basis. The manufacturer promises that the prices for flights are not biting.

When flying cars on the streets of cities will become a regular transport, in an interview to “MIR 24” said the expert on robotics Anton Burakov.

A. B.: This idea was implemented on some kind of anti-gravity in science fiction. And all this we could not do. But there was drones and quadcopters. There is already a flying motorcycle. I heard in Australia have developed will cost 70 thousand dollars. All this thanks to the propellers, that nobody wanted to use, and now began to use massively. This technology is not more than 10 years. I mean, she was always just we still didn’t pay attention to it. And this technology now to build all of these aircraft.

A. B.: Yeah, they change the angle.

A. B.: No, not all. The Germans experienced with this technology. But I think it is less reliable. Because it is possible to turn. And that man continued to sit horizontally, you need to change the tilt of the capsule, and even make it permanent, thanks to a gyroscope or some goods that the person inside is not affected. I do think that this technology will enter our lives soon, not in 2025. It’s all too hard. But taxis, which fly through the air more reliable than those that travel on the ground, because the air will be less obstacles. Well, as long as they are there will not be enough. If we are a little over the wires to fly…