When the parade: an employee of the Ministry of interior will be in the ranks of the independence Day of Belarus

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Anna Timoshenko


Employee of the Ministry of interior will be in the parade on the independence Day of Belarus, reports “WORLD 24”.

Leg lift, safe distance, correct head position and hand – the basic elements of combat training ladies spend several hours a day. To participate in the parade had to go through a real casting. Criteria of selection of the candidates – age below 45 years, growth 165 cm, but not above 180. Rank and position do not matter.

“There are girls, who are guarding prisoners, guarding embassies, serve in various military specialties. But mostly it is the police of the city Department of internal Affairs, the usual girls of Riot police from patrol,” said Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Belarus Yury Karaeu.

Independence day of Belarus will celebrate July 3, the day of liberation of Minsk from the Nazis.