When they come back to you, don’t take them back

Когда они возвращаются к вам, не принимайте их обратно

At first, everything is amazing…

At first, everything is amazing. The rush of emotion, a sense of peace and satisfaction — all at the same time. They will give you the feelings that you have not experienced until now. All your senses will come alive. Your soul will feel alive. If you again become a small child who for the first time show the world.

Yes, you have never felt so filled with life. You will feel that all was clear as ever, and light pours from everywhere.

But before you realize what’s happening, something unexpected happens – you will see the one who once seemed perfect. Their second personality will begin to unfold. The one who long ago broke your essence. It will always be repeated. It will revive those unpleasant feelings which had been taken from you life. You will be confused, as if trapped. And everything inside of the soul will seem parched field, which only brings upon you negative emotions. After that you will be angry on himself due to the repetition of past mistakes. And once again you’ll say to yourself, “This must not happen to me again.”

Please don’t forget about all those nights when you cried. No, you cried until complete desiccation. Never forget why you broke up. Don’t forget about how they manipulated you and drowned all their problems.

Never forget that pain, that excruciating pain that they caused. She left you so torn that you feel helpless. Never forget that someone who cares about you, loves you, will never hurt you. And if he still will harm you, and you will convince yourself that he loves you and zaboyalis about you, it’s even worse. You risk never break free of these shackles. This means that they will sort out their problems for as long as they do not dare, and you will always be their emotional discharge.

They will always use you to feel good because you are amazing and strong. They know you love them so much and accept in any way under any circumstances.

When they left, you knew somewhere deep down that it is really good. You unconsciously feel that you are lucky that this man will no longer be a part of your life, because you open yourself for someone new, someone better for a more unusual love. For someone who deserves you. The one who always supports you not only in the days when there is a good mood, but also when it is necessary.

You deserve someone who does not create internal conflicts. The one who never leaves when things get hard, when life is complicated when you are lost and confused and not sure what to do next. The one who never leaves when you are caught in the rain, the one who never looks around, regardless of how many people are trying to get his attention. Because it is already decided for themselves that they have with you much more than the usual sympathy. It happens only once in a lifetime.

Yes, we know that you love them, and they once supported you in difficult times, when you doubted yourself. They could be your best friends with whom you share the most intimate, about their mistakes and their pain. You could do with them whatever you want, do not hesitate to ridicule and misunderstanding. All what you ever dreamed of suddenly came true.

They sunk deep into your heart, and that is why it is so difficult to resist them. Yes, it was a special bond that will always remain. We know that.

But we also know that they wanted in the first place followed by you. Because they needed the challenge posed by the ambitions and selfishness. From that moment, and there are problems. After all was said and done, they left you broken. Yes, you broke up for a significant reason. Because of the pain and suffering they caused with their lies and unexpected hatred.

So when they come back and they will do it, please remember this. Because when someone is selfish to a degree, when one day someone will destroy you and your happiness, he will always do it again and again.

Leave your life open to the love that you deserve. And we promise you, it will come.

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