When to plant pepper seedlings in February 2019, auspicious days, swordplay and care

How and in what days of February 2019 it is best to do planting pepper seedlings, when and how to dive.

Коли садити розсаду перця у лютому 2019, сприятливі дні, пікіровка і догляд

It is better to put the pepper not in January, and in February – early March. To determine the optimal time for planting pepper, it is necessary to consider that in open ground pepper planted at the age of 50 – 70 days, when the seedlings will appear the first buds. And it’s better if it happens before the end of may – beginning of June, disappears when the threat of frost. A couple of weeks before the seeds of pepper can be planted in the greenhouse. Then, respectively, seeds, seedlings can be planted in early February, informs Rus.Media.

Planting pepper seedlings in February 2019

Observant gardeners have noticed that the height of the seedlings depends on the phase of the moon. If you sow the seeds on new moon – the seedlings are high, and coming on strong, but not high.

Auspicious days in February 2019 for planting peppers:

6-7, when the night star is in the constellation Pisces;

12, when the Earth satellite in the constellation Taurus.

The soil is better to prepare 7 or 8, when arriving the Moon is in Pisces.

Great days, when to plant pepper seedlings in February 2019, will also become:

8-12, 15, 24 Feb;

Bad days in February 2019 are as follows:

3, 4, 5, 19, 20 February;

In February there are no more days for a better and richer harvest of pepper. Better to wait and find favorable days for planting seedlings in March.

How to grow seedlings of pepper, when and how to dive in 2019

Remember that timely sowing is not a guarantee of a good harvest. To get it, need to learn how to properly care for this culture.

In order to grow first good seedling peppers, and then a large crop, it is necessary not only to comply with the monthly forecasts, but also the right to plant seeds:

  1. plant pepper seedlings need in individual pots of peat is in;
  2. do not plant seedlings of bell pepper in large containers – as its root system is not observed a large amount (ideally to 10 centimeters);
  3. before planting seeds to first pour hot water (about 5 hours) and then 2 – 3 days to put in a wet cloth;
  4. after sowing, cover the trays with plastic wrap and put in a warm place, away from the cold windowsill. Sometimes check for dry land, if there are any sprouts. At emergence of the first shoots right, move the trays in a Sunny place and remove the film;
  5. with the emergence of 2-4 leaves pepper to dive. This will happen not earlier than 2 weeks after emergence, therefore, swordplay seedlings of pepper plan in March 2018.

The best days to pick pepper in 2018

good days for swordplay seedlings in February: 25, 27, 28.

In March 2019, a growing number of works related to the garden, you should pay attention to the seedlings that you sowed in February. The seedlings have grown, and need a pick.

Best days in March 2019 for picking pepper will be as follows:

March 7, the Moon in the constellation Pisces;

March 10 the Moon is in the constellation Pisces;

March 12, the Moon in the constellation Taurus.

Important! The activities related to the care of pepper, should not be scheduled on 8 and 9 March.

In April, 2019 sprouts peppers should grow in their own pots, but will give the most favorable April days to pick peppers:

On 2 April, when the Moon waning in the sign Pisces;

On April 7, when the light arrives and is located in the Body;

On April 11, when arriving a Month falls in the constellation of Cancer.

Important! 5 APR satellite of the Earth will be in the phase of new moon. On this day, it is impossible to engage in any work related to the seedlings.

How to dive peppers – step by step instructions

Deciding how to dive peppers and when novice gardeners often overlook the need for careful preparation for this procedure. Before picking, you need to prepare a stock of soil, capacity to learn technology, how to dive pepper seedlings.

Before you dive into pepper cups, it is important to prepare loose fertile mix that one-third consists of organic matter – humus, compost, peat. The basis for adding garden soil (two-thirds of the total) and sand (liter bottle in a bucket of the mixture). A bucket of prepared soil add 1.5 tablespoons of superphosphate, a tablespoon of ammonium nitrate and potassium sulfate. Soil fill pre-prepared and equipped with drainage pots with a capacity of 200 ml.

Pick of the pepper carried out according to the following technology:

  • The seedling is carefully removed from the seedling containers with grudko land, it is recommended to use a spoon or a stick.
  • In a pot, where it will be transplanted sprout, make a depression in the wall of the seal with your finger or a stick.
  • In deepening pour water.
  • The seedling is placed in the hole and gently compress the soil at the base of the stem, the roots should not curl up! To deepen the plant is not necessary. Peppers do not form adventitious roots, while burying the stem rots.
  • In conclusion, the seedlings are watered at the root, if necessary, the cups posypaetsya the ground to remove pits.
  • If the basic rules of how to dive peppers and when it is better to do have been met, the seedling will recover in a week and that the roots started to grow, will show fresh green leaves.

How to care for seedlings after the pick peppers?

After it was conducted picketing peppers in a separate container the seedling is put in a warm, lightly shaded spot for a few days. Bright light can cause it to wither the aboveground parts of the seedlings, which will retard their growth. However, to put the pots is still better in the place where grew the seedlings before transplanting so they will be easier to adapt.

Watered the peppers after drying of the upper soil layer 2-3 times a week, in the first days after transplantation their number can be increased. 2 weeks after picking, when the roots will recover, begin fertilizing with an interval of 7-10 days and the nutrient solution is prepared from the following components (per 5 l of water):

  • 10 g of potash fertilizers
  • 15 g of phosphoric
  • 5 g of nitrogen.

Useful for peppers after the pick will recharge micronutrients, which contribute twice a month, this bucket of water was dissolved 2 g of boric acid, copper sulfate and potassium permanganate and 1 g of zinc sulfate, stir well and under one plant make 50 ml. If the cultivation of peppers is subject to the requirements of the plant, a great harvest is guaranteed, moreover, to increase the yield is possible if you know how to create a pepper.

Pepper is a spoiled culture that does not tolerate do not care, only when a delicate and proper care after the transplant, it is possible to obtain viable seedlings, which will give a rich harvest.