When Ukraine will begin to beat Makarevich?

In the heart of the famous extreme nationalist sentiments of the city of Lviv on street musician who sang songs in Russian, attacked and broke his guitar.

Когда на Украине начнут бить Макаревича?

The attackers proudly tell you about his actions in social networks, presenting it as an episode in the uncompromising fight against the “invaders.” We are talking about a certain group of “activists” (this ridiculous euphemism for the last five years in Ukraine cover thugs) calling themselves the “Falcon”.

Something we on the “exploits” of these “falcons” on the Maidan have not heard. Not lit they called the area “ATO” (or “OOS”). Their “deeds” they do in the rear fighting with the “occupation” of the Ukrainian army in the city of Lviv. “The invaders”, however, armed with guitars instead of guns, but are actively using the worst “occupant” weapons — Russian language. And where? In the Lviv — the Ukrainian all Ukrainian cities. This city has a moratorium on public use of the Russian-speaking cultural product, banned songs, books, movies, TV shows, theatrical productions. But apparently something is not working.

It would seem that where here in the cradle “Bandera”, where the houses hang a memorial plaque to the SS veterans, and people bring them flowers, take a Russian language? Walk through the streets of the city, read the signs, buy a newspaper at a local kiosk. See the Russian language? No? And it is.

Themselves “activists” in their social networks to complain, they say, urine is not — everything for Russian speaking. And worst of all — young people who are born and raised in the “free from occupation” Ukraine does not want it to go to the MOV.

Kind of surprising, as a linguist, I can say that Russian language is much richer and more functional Ukrainian. The Ukrainian language is beautiful, it is good to write poems and songs. But, for example, as it comes to scientific papers, it turns out that the Russian language is no alternative. And not only in the scientific field, but as we see in everyday life. This is before the TV crew “soldiers of ATO” I love to show off inspirational speeches on “Nightingale move”, and in battle, and it for anybody not a secret, talking exclusively in Russian. And most of the participants in the “Maidan” were in Russian. And it’s not only support Russophobic coup of the Kiev intelligentsia, which spawn in Ukrainian two words could not. As you can see, the problems with language is in the West of Ukraine.

Even sing songs in Russian! Not “spluga move”, and the “klyatyh language occupants”!

Maybe then the whole thing is that show-business (and street musicians is also dependent of show business — in fact they sing what they are offering radio, TV, Internet and store with the disks) all the years after the collapse of the USSR is constructed so that a large part of the musical content in the post-Soviet space is written in Russian? Here’s how you do not beat yourself heel in the chest, no matter how shout about their patriotism, tearing the embroidery on the chest — Ukrainian-language content is not for sale.

No, of course, there are some number groups that sing only in Ukrainian, not only in Ukraine but also in Russia, collected full halls. But this is an exception. Most Ukrainian artists understand that at home the money they earn, so it is necessary to focus mostly on the Russian audience, and to sing in Russian. And home audience perceives the Ukrainian song, not so much. That is why the Maidan forced authorities to declare a real war on the Russian content on TV and radio, forcibly limiting his presence.

You can laugh at the statements of rabid Bandera, who panic, they say, the Ukrainian language is dying, despite the fact that they are Ukrainian nationalists now in power. But the fact remains: despite all their efforts the Ukrainian language may not be full competition to the Russian.

But Ukrainian “activists” believe that it can. But if consumers still beat up… Really, out loud about the violence they say they are and then use euphemisms: “raids,” preventive conversations”.

“The good news is that after several such raids in the center of the city is almost inaudible songs performed in the language of the occupier. Also with some of the musicians were preventive work”, — the report said the “falcons”.

Not very clear, however, why they do not carry out “preventive conversations” with veterans of the “ATO” who, even returning from the war, in his native Lvov continue to speak Russian? Or with the guards of shops selling Russian goods.

At the same time they rightly point out in the comments under their proud message about the “successful RAID”, they say, to beat a street musician a lot of power, and even more mind — do not.

However, there are those who approve of such actions. You can, for example, to meet such comments: “It’s just a level! Well done! Support the lads!”

Indeed, the level. The level of an animal living primal. In such animals, whose actions are governed by the logic of cave nationalism has long become the majority carriers of “political Ukrainians” based solely on hatred of all things Russian.

But in Ukraine, because fascism is not, as we are assured the supporters of the “Maidan” in this country, and their ideological followers we have. But they are in Russia. If you read the Ukrainian blogosphere, so there’s a special lust apart every episode of ethnic conflicts with neighbors.

Actually, some 10-20 years ago in Russia, too, was raging all sorts of groups of skinheads, who also arranged “raids”, often ending with killing of persons of non-Slavic nationality, activists of the “antifa”, etc. But it’s all in the past. And nationalism in Ukraine, on the contrary, flooded from all the cracks, and the leaders of hateful ideology has transformed from marginalized to respected politicians and officials.

Here is it possible to imagine that in Moscow someone will attack Ukrainian (which, by the way, almost every day there in Poland, where the “svidomye” so eager to work)? Hardly. Many Ukrainians arriving in Russia, I sincerely wonder to yourself, because at home they were stuffed with propaganda that in Russia, Ukrainians hate, and the Ukrainian language is prohibited.

Interestingly, a similar promotion, we do some of our intellectuals, I do not know, do evil intent (recruited by the Ukrainian or Western intelligence agencies?) or by his own stupidity. However, for some reason our fans of Ukraine do not hurry in solidarity to abandon the “language of the invaders”. Including musicians, who continue to travel to Ukraine with concerts. And sing in Russian. Even when speaking to veterans “ATO” (and is logical if they sing in Ukrainian — they just wouldn’t understand).

That’s why some conditional Makarevich at least a couple of the songs do not play in Ukrainian? Well, purely out of solidarity? However, he is not afraid to go to Ukraine and sing there own songs on the “aggressive language”. Not afraid that the concert attacked “activists”.

Because he knows that it will not attack. “Activists” its not touched. They would rather attack the concert of a Ukrainian artist who goes on tour in Russia and did not correctly answer the question “Whose Crimea?”. And it is attacked regularly. And no, for them it does nothing.

It is in Russia, one of the activist of the unregistered party was put on three years because he is in protest against an anti-state position Makarevich sprayed pepper spray at his concert. Because in Russia the law is the same for all. And in Ukraine — the law, to paraphrase a famous aphorism only to the enemies of the Maidan regime.

And if the law can not be applied (although in Lviv, the musician could officially be fined for there forbidden Russian content), it will work “activists”. However, how many they have made by breaking a musician’s guitar? Maybe now he will sing Russian songs (including Makarevich)?

Hardly. Ukrainian content is clearly not enough to displace Russian, no matter how try: even his fists, though with batons.

And Makarevich and other lovers of the new Ukrainian reality, I would still advise to start singing on the “right language”. If he himself is not touched, here’s to his fans for singing his own songs — can. And fans in the Ukraine had diminished. And considering that in Russia, they have clearly diminished, so in fact you can do anything to stay…

Dmitry Rodionov

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