When you cannot skip brushing your teeth in the morning or evening?

Most dentists recommend brushing the teeth twice a day immediately after we awake and before going to bed.

Коли не можна пропустити чищення зубів: вранці чи ввечері?

How often do you brush your teeth? Most dentists recommend to do this twice a day immediately after we awake and before going to bed. But how many people really need these instructions? Probably not so much. Today let’s talk about why it is so important to monitor the hygiene of the mouth and in a half day procedure of brushing your teeth will benefit the most?

It so happened that a lot of people cleans a teeth in the morning, but forget or are too lazy to do it tonight. Many people forget the night a toothbrush and toothpaste deliberately, because they believe that it is not so important. Although these same people cleaning your teeth in the morning is a sacred ritual, informs Rus.Media.

The bacteria found in a person’s mouth, feeding on the food that we eat. Subsequently, these bacteria produce wastes that are very acidic and can erode tooth enamel. This in turn can cause tooth decay and tooth decay.

If you go to bed without releasing the oral cavity, a dental plaque will begin carcinomatosa and settle on the teeth. Whether the plaque cannot be remove neither brushing nor flossing. Perhaps the appearance of unpleasant mouth odor, infections and bleeding gums. So brushing teeth at night is more important than in the morning.

Brushing your teeth before bed will help:

1. To reduce the concentration of acid in the mouth

Acid constantly accumulates in a person’s mouth. It helps to neutralize the saliva, but during sleep the production of saliva is markedly reduced and the level of acid increases. Corrosion of the teeth can be prevented if you brush your teeth at night.

2. To reduce the growth of bacteria

Saliva helps to reduce bacterial growth. To support the normal secretion of saliva is possible, if you do not forget to clean the mouth before going to bed.

3. To minimize the decomposition of food particles in the mouth

Food residue on the teeth after a while start to decompose. This may worsen the condition of the teeth and internal organs, as well as to be a cause of bad breath.