When your heart is broken and you’re waiting for his message, read it

Когда твое сердце разбито, и ты ждешь его сообщение, прочти это

They say love is a risk, because it might never happen. But again and again we go on this risk, putting at stake not only that, but his heart, hoping that this time everything will work out. But on the other hand in love a lot of things bad, making people fear her as much as you want.

It deprives you of sleep until exhaustion.

It opens your eyes and makes you want to return to where you weren’t thinking constantly about one person.

But it’s not. You constantly think about it. Everything reminds you of him. Even the most stupid little things.

This is the moment when you Wake up and feel like a dagger in my chest from the pain that this person is not in your life — and these feelings are all too real.

You reach for the phone in the hope that there will appear to the calls or messages.

But passes day by day, and the silence of the phone getting louder, and the thoughts dancing in your head: what does he do? Does for me? Does he care for me? How to get him back?

And again days go by, and you again fall into an empty bed.

Your heart is broken.

You can barely convince myself to get out of bed when all you want to do is stare at the ceiling, thinking, how do you come how someone could affect you so much?

You swear that nobody else is allowed to do that to you. Do you deny love, because if this is love, you don’t want to take part in it.

You’re trying to do everything with a smile on my face to hide the fact that inside you are completely broken and lost.

You ask: “How are you?” and you’ll never tell the truth.

Just “Good”.

You ask: “What happened?”, but the fact that you don’t know it yet.

You tried to do at work, but every minute without him seems like an eternity.

You try to occupy yourself outside of work — whether its a hobby or the gym — to make productive use of their emotions, otherwise they will destroy you.

You always anticipate that these feelings will pass, but it seems that the more time passes, the more it hurts you.

You see him turn away because his face reminds you of all the things you wanted that you once had and what you lost.

You look at your reflection, and suddenly any little thing, any fault overrides all. Because when someone hurts you and you really love him, you don’t blame him. You automatically think: “What have I done wrong? What he lacked? What’s wrong with me?”.

Are you trying anything to relieve the pain, but the reality is still overtakes you, and you continue to sink.

You’re emotionally and physically exhausted, and no matter sleep or not.

And then…

You finally get the message, which was expected.

You agreed to meet. Waiting.

And here you sit in front of this man, but something has changed..

You never know.

Because the love that you had for him, replacing your pain and the man he is now.

He looks the same, but now everything feels different.

Here is a man who broke you, so you didn’t really hate myself. After all, we both know you’re not weak, not the one that suffers for someone.

You want to give him another chance, but you respect yourself more.

Because the truth is that when you hurt the person you love, you lose to him all the confidence and faith. And no matter what he does, you’ll always remember that he has already done.

You can forgive, you can get back together, but sometimes it’s better to go on one and give someone else the opportunity to once again deprive you of sleep.

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