Where and what is the meaning of the point of youth on the face

Impact on the point of youth who are on the face, improve blood circulation, your face will become fresh, you see a slight blush disappear wrinkles.

Де знаходяться і що означають точки молодості на обличчі

You already knew that on the face is a special point, it is the effect on these points of youth on the face will improve blood circulation due to which your face will be fresh, you see a slight blush, disappear wrinkles, informs Rus.Media.

Biologically active points

These points are triggered in the skin renewal, restore elasticity. How to find these points? Now we are going to do.

Before beginning the procedure

Before activating the ” points of youth is necessary to clean the skin, then apply a nourishing cream, to make a gentle massage on the massage lines to warm up the skin.

Acupressure will do the index fingers, without pulling the skin, just pressing the soft tissue of the fingertips to the bones of the skull, which are located under the skin. The effect on the nerve endings gives the load to the muscles, forcing them to work.

The dots are small dimples on the stones and pressing on them you should feel a slight tenderness or warmth, most importantly, to avoid unpleasant sensations.

The exposure time per point of 5 seconds. Pairs of points are processed at the same time – for example, points at the inner and outer corners of eyes, under the center of the eye, in the center of the eyebrows.


Begin the procedure with the processing of the inner corners of the eyes, a barely perceptible pressure. If you have long nails, then press the bones of the index fingers.

Gradually lost the bruising and bags under the eyes will disappear flabby skin around the eyes and mouth, improve the shape of your face.

Point of youth (face and neck)

  • 2 in the inner corners of your eyes,
  • 2 on the outer corners of the eyes
  • 2 under the center of the eye
  • 1 between the eyebrows in the center of the nose bridge,
  • 2 in the center of the eyebrows
  • 2 at the temples, where the hair starts,
  • 2 under the nose (in the pits),
  • 2 under the cheekbones,
  • 1 under nose
  • 2 in the corners of the mouth,
  • 1 chin,
  • 1 under the lower lip,
  • 2 on the right side of his neck,
  • 1 under the cheekbone on the left
  • 1 between the collarbones,
  • 1 in the front dimple.

In the morning in just 3 minutes you get a powerful energy boost that will feel the whole day.


Massage should not be done at:

  • allergies, dermatitis, acne,
  • viral diseases of the skin, such as herpes,
  • intracranial pressure (high or low),
  • vascular mesh on the face,
  • inflammatory process (acute stage) that occurs in any area of the body.

If there are no contraindications, then start today to do this incredible massage. I want to remind you that it will not only make your face young and more will help to heal the entire body.