Where are teeming with big salmonids

Là où foisonnent de gros salmonidés

When we go fishing, we hope to take many fish and beautiful specimens.

Quebec is an eden almost supernatural with its 3.6 million of water bodies and the quality of fishing that it offers. There are over a hundred species that do not ask better than to arch our rods to the maximum. There really is something for all tastes and all purses.

Each year, thousands of Quebecers, in search of strong sensations, to make an annual pilgrimage, 36, 48, or 72 hours for our neighbours to ontario to face off against a few species combatives that are not found in our waters. They retain the services of one of the very many French-speaking guides with us who are on the move for a good part of the summer with their boat.

Lake Ontario is a true inland sea. It measures 310 km in length and 85 in width.

Although many devotees come there with their own boat to try their luck, it is important to remember that this huge sheet may break and cause water incredibly tumultuous.

The most sought after destinations by amateurs and charters are Cobourg, Port Hope, Whitby, Bowmanville, Darlington, as well as several other locations.

Home Port

Luc Brunet, St-Amable guide on this majestic body of water since 1988. To ensure a certain level of comfort and security to its customers, it has made the acquisition of a boat Baha Cruiser 30 feet fully equipped with the swiss franc edges higher. The Fish On, as it was called, is moored at the quay of the port Darlington.

It has chosen to establish three months of the year, until mid-September, at this exact location, as the river, Bowmanville Creek, bordering the site, is host each fall to a elongation of more than 16 000 chinooks, coho, steelheads, etc., The fish live in the surrounding area throughout the summer. Mr. Brunet does not have to stray very far from the banks to allow to its guests to make beautiful shots.

It rarely exceeds the limits of Bowmanville. The people bothered by seasickness is less stir than at large and must consume less Gravol or Transderm-V.

To counter the COVID-19, and reassure everyone, Luke makes a point to disinfect the hull, the toilet and all equipment between each excursion.

It also puts the Purell and soap available to the passengers.

“The proximity to good restaurants, hotels, shopping centres and tourist attractions makes this location even more attractive “, explained the captain accredited by Transport Canada.

the various species

Although it is possible to fight lake trout, atlantic salmon and brown trout, the guide Luc Brunet to focus its efforts on other salmonids.

By exploiting trolling spoons Williams, Moonshine, Stinger, Arc-en-ciel or attractors Spin Doctor, Coyote, Lure Jensen follow-up of a fly tube, it captures usually of the chinooks of 7 to 11 kg (15 to 24 lb), of coho 2.2 to 4.5 kg (5 to 10 lb) and the steelheads from 3 to 5.5 kg (7 to 12 lb). His personal best for these fish respective, are 16.6 kg (36lbs), 6.8 kg (15 lb) and 21 lb (9.5 kg). His presentations are driven to the depths with downriggers, wire weights, or plates of diving.


Regardless of the sin offering, Luke makes good versions UV or luminescent, which amplify the tones. It ensures that make them swim in the water column at a speed of 2.8 to 3.6 km/h (1.75 m/h, and 2.25 m/h) and to a depth where the temperature is between 10 to 15 degrees depending on the target species.

For you to make on-the-spot, of Montreal, take the 401 to exit 432. It takes a little more than five hours on the road to access this site full of fish.

Anglers can opt for a day tour, which takes place between 5: 30 a.m. and 14 h and evening, between 16 h to 20 h 30. The captain of the Fish It offers combined measurement of a day and a half and more.

The most popular package is for four security handlers of cane approximately $ 215 per person. Lovers of 18 to 65 years of age must obtain a fishing permit daily in the amount of 17 $ at Sail or at Gagnon in Oshawa.

For your trip, you will need to bring your lunch, your drinks, your sunscreen, a camera and a large cooler to take home your catch, which will have been filleted and bagged by the guide.

For more information, call (514) 290-4878 or visit the www.servicedeguide.com.

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