“Where are they now?”. Zelensky is reluctant to meet with students who were beaten on the Maidan in 2013

President Vladimir Zelensky said on its official Telegram canal that would like to meet with students who 6 years ago was beaten by “Berkut” on Maidan.

"Где они сейчас?". Зеленский очень хочет встретиться со студентами, которых побили на Майдане в 2013 году

Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: “Country”

“They stayed overnight on the Maidan not for the sake of future portfolios or mandates, not to make political points or dividends, but only for the sake of a happy future for his country,” writes the President.

According to Zelensky, these young people were those romantics who make a revolution, and the latter is exploited by the villains.

The President also noted that today, virtually not remember the names of those masterminds, which “forced the country to Wake up.”

“Where are they now? Remained whether Ukraine? If after the revolution of Dignity the opportunity to govern and implement the changes?”, – asks questions Zelensky.

In this regard, the President wrote that he would like to meet with students who were on the Maidan on the night of 29 to 30 November 2013.

Earlier the Country reported that the commander of the Kharkov “Berkut” was released, the court in Kiev.

We also wrote about how the Prosecutor’s office lost the documents in the case of the Maidan and who killed the security forces on 20 February 2014.

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