where to invest in Paris in 2021?

    where to invest in Paris in 2021?

    Between health crisis, rent control, conditions of access to credit which can remain delicate, is it really wise to invest in real estate in Paris? In these uncertain times, many investment candidates are asking questions and sometimes postpone their projects. The real estate market is currently still supported by its most vital engine: that of finding a primary residence. The second home niche is still struggling while that of real estate investment sends contradictory signals.

    Parisian prices remain particularly high and barely register their first timid drops. And with controlled rents, it is impossible to hope for huge returns. So what is the point of the maneuver? As often, who says low performance, says greater security. And this is what the capital offers (at least relatively): a market in a lasting shortage without risk of collapsing prices.

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    where to invest in Paris in 2021?

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