Whether or not to postpone motherhood for a career: doctor’s opinion

 Стоит ли откладывать материнство ради карьеры: мнение врача

Family and professional realization of women complementary spheres of activity. In an interview with PROMAN Ukraine told the fertility specialist medical centre “mother of the child with future” Faith Sparrow-Wichowska.

According to the expert, Have a career and children is still very difficult. Offering this benefit, companies that invest in women and support them in creating the life they want.

“I am worried the prevailing social stereotype on the necessity of choosing between family and professional realization of women. It’s different areas of activity are complementary and not mutually exclusive. And each of us needs the other. By the way, psychologists are advised to employ women after maternity leave, because taking care of a little baby teaches you to perform many tasks simultaneously,” said the doctor.

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