Which plants is your Zodiac sign fits you most?

In order to purchased to decorate your home interior houseplant was a good charm that brings not only aesthetic pleasure, but also luck, flowers turns should be selected not only with the fact I like them or not, but in accordance with astrological recommendations

Які кімнатні рослини за знаком Зодіаку підходять вам найбільше?

So for each Zodiac sign fit specific plants. Well, and what home-made flowers to fit are written below, reports Rus.Media.

Therefore, for people who were born under the sign of Taurus will fit begonia, Primula, Kalanchoe – these plants will bring to the house of the bulls of the security and financial well-being.

For emotional balance Lviv it is desirable to pay attention to flowers such as Cala, Chinese rose, pelargonium.

Strengthen intuitive abilities of Scorpions will help aloe, dracaena, or oleander.

Fish suited palms, orchids, as well as (and this is not something surprising for this sign of the Zodiac) various aquatic plants.

In order to improve understanding in the family born under the sign of Cancer, they can have house plants such as dieffenbachia, fuchsia, and these house plants are also capable of a beneficial effect on physical and mental health of Cancers.

Які кімнатні рослини за знаком Зодіаку підходять вам найбільше?

The plants of Aries, which will help born under this sign become strong and successful personalities are azaleas, geraniums and milkweed.

To protect from the negative people, the Zodiac sign which is Libra will help hibiscus, hydrangea, and peppers.

For those born under the sign of Aquarius from indoor plants suitable arrowroot, poinsettia, which have the ability to help these people to look at any situation in new ways.

To promote intellectual development Dev can monstera, dracaena, philodendron and Japanese aucuba.

Plants archers are the ficus, and various potted bonsai and bamboo – they contribute to the spiritual growth of the people born under this sign.

Capricorn consult a leisurely plants that grow slowly and slowly: dracaena, Laurel rubber ficus, Azalea, aloe.

Well, the Twins should have in my house plants such as tradescantia, fern, or ivy, Chlorophytum, because they improve the communication skills of this Zodiac sign.

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