which will not reopen right away

    which will not reopen right away

    The restaurants will not reopen on January 20, it is not yet official but the decision is recorded at the level of the executive. There is no epidemic recovery yet but France is still on the high plateau: 15,000 contaminations per day, ie three times more than the objective set by the government.

    Especially since there is not yet the effect of the holidays. It takes about two weeks to see their impact on contaminations, but the Scientific Council already fears an epidemic resumption.

    The health context is not favorable to the reopening of sports halls according to the office of the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. Places of culture are also awaiting a response, whether cinemas, theaters or museums, but government spokesman Gabriel Attal was already preparing the spirits last week, saying “very unlikely“their reopening.

    There are still ski resorts. Jean Castex felt he could restart the ski lifts on Thursday. Professionals in the sector are therefore chaining meetings this afternoon with ministerial cabinets to try to defend their health protocol, but here too very unlikely to reopen. Especially since on the other side of the Alps, in Italy, the reopening of ski resorts has been postponed until January 18.

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